{Weekend Recap} Three Day Bonus!

This past weekend was a three day bonus, since the husband had off work for President's Day. Woo hoo! In fact, not only did we relish the long weekend, we actually got to enjoy a little bit of everything. The in-laws came over Saturday evening to feed the babies dinner and put them to bed so that the husband and I could grab dinner and take in a movie. We were a little wary of wait times for local restaurants since it was the day after Valentine's, but surprisingly we were able to get a table at Saltgrass in less than 20 minutes. We both ordered steaks—the husband splurged on a 16-ounce ribeye—and I drank every drop of the two beers I got with my meal. Yum! Then we just had to head down the road a few blocks to the theater and decided on a comedy, About Last Night, comedian Kevin Hart's latest production. It was pretty funny and definitely had us laughing several times. In fact, the husband laughed the most which is a feat, since it's hard to get him to laugh at most things. He always says, "I'm laughing on the inside!" when I give him a hard time for not giving up at least a chuckle. Men! ;)

One late morning later (babies slept until 9am, holla!), the husband was a hero and put together breakfast for the quads while I slept for a few extra minutes. Then we got break number two when my parents showed up to take the nap shift so we could go out for lunch and shopping! Knowing that Grandad was coming over, I dressed the babies in overalls just for him and they were pretty darn cute!

While the babies napped away, my sister and her family came over to spend time with my parents and the husband and I scooted out the door. We settled on shrimp for lunch at Red Lobster then shopping at a couple stores for some much needed new clothes, workout gear and so on. You can check out everything I got on my Shopping Haul post! I was immensely proud of my ability to resist the urge to go into Carter's and buy a million cute little baby clothes. It was hard, but I did it. Willpower!

Despite the thrill of the shopping hunt, I have to admit to feeling pretty tired by the end of the day after all that running around and my feet were pretty sore. (I actually have plantar fasciitis in both feet, which is a literal pain every day. More on my health to come soon.) Buuuuttt, it was nice to be out without a super time constraint and even though the husband admitted to having come to the end of his "shopping patience," we both enjoyed the quality time and watched a movie and relaxed together after we put the kiddos to bed that evening.

Monday was beautiful weather and we'd already planned to take the babies out to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant our nanny had suggested. In fact, she even met up with us for lunch and a little play time with the crew! But first we had to drop by our pediactrician's office to get Trystan's arm checked out. She's been favoring it quite a bit since one evening about a week ago when we put her in the quad table for dinner and she acted like something in her arm had been pulled out of place. After freaking out with her for an hour while she cried and cried and thinking that we'd dislocated her arm, she finally calmed down and started using it again. But on and off since she'll seem to remember that it was hurting and start holding it or favoring it again. She checked out fine but if she continues acting like it's bothering her, we'll get an x-ray.

Someone (Kailey) was excited to be heading out for Mexican!

When we arrived at lunch, the kids were thrilled to discover the outdoor play area. They galavanted around it in the sunshine before sitting down at a table on the patio to chow down on chips and salsa, black bean dip and some yummy quesadillas. My babies all looked like big kids to me all afternoon and I was so excited that the girls got a chance to wear their cute sandals I'd bought for them last year! Little things...

They were all pretty dirty when we got home, so we gave them quick baths then put everyone down for naps and boy, did they sleep good! It was rest time for the whole family, actually, and I always treasure how quiet my house is for those few precious hours every day.

I cooked dinner (roasted salmon and veggies) for us that evening to end the day with some good food and enjoyed some wine to relax with after bedtime for the babies. It's rare that we get a weekend that we actually get to do a little bit of "everything" and we were so grateful to our parents for helping provide an opportunity to do just that!
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  1. I love this post and all the pics! Yall are such a cute family and it is our joy to be Grandma and Granddad! You are SUCH a good mother but you also (wisely ) keep your marriage a high priority!! You and Mike ROCK as parents and as a TEAM!

  2. Love Love all the pics and video of the kiddos, they are so cute!! So are the parents;) The overalls and sandals are adorable they need more sandals for summer;)
    I am by no means a pediatrician but our 3yr old grandson at her age had "nursemaid elbow"
    her symptons sure sound like what he went thru.
    Thanks for sharing:)


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