{Weekend Recap} Flowers, Fun, Family & Food!

There wasn't a single thing on our agenda this weekend that we had to do. And it was great. Oddly enough, sometimes those are the types of weekends you end up being unexpectedly productive or end up tackling some random project that's been hanging over your head. Like a work bench and laundry room!

Saturday morning the husband snuck out of bed and got the babies all changed and fed before I even woke up. Sweet! I came downstairs and dressed them all for the day and he headed out to the garage to start building his work bench—a project he's been dying to do ever since we moved into this house! He made some awesome headway, too, and will probably have it done soon. Which makes me happy because that'll mean a more organized garage!

The babies played well with each other all weekend and even posed for silly pictures with momma...

Then I posed for a picture with my momma when we enjoyed a movie date Sunday afternoon...

The husband and I indulged in a snack of mozzarella sticks and Cokes from Sonic....

I enjoyed my gorgeous fresh flowers from a recent trip to the grocery store (loving the color combo!)...

We kept up with all the daily doses of Infant Advil for low-grade fevers and Baby Benadryl for the quad's colds...

And I organized our laundry room at long last! At least it's miles better than it was, that room was a disaster. It will get a coat of navy-ish colored paint in the near future and custom shelves above the washer and dryer for more convenient storage and access. The white board calendar serves as a sort of command center for everything going on in our lives and upcoming dates and appointments!

We cooked and I tried out this grilled zucchini with lemon salt on my trusty stovetop grill pan, which I've had since we were married over seven years ago (from Bed, Bath & Beyond!)...

Logan drank lots of tea whilst sitting in the ball pit...

Snowball went into the play room for the first time (voluntarily!) and realized she could squeeze back out into safety through the bars on the gate (after getting hug-mauled by four toddlers, ha)...

And I rearranged the play room and took down the corral fence we had surrounding the recliners, moved them against the wall (to prevent kids from flipping themselves off the top) and switched out all the toys. Whew! I probably switch out toys and do a minor makeover every seven to 10 days.

Kailey got her first bandaid for a little finger cut...

We watched four more episodes of Homeland (we're still working on the first season and are definitely addicted!)...

Everyone read books...

Logan helped clean up the kitchen while I cooked and was the most adorable little girl!...

The husband and I enjoyed our family time very much.

Hope your week is a good one!
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  1. What a great weekend! You looked so YOUNG to me today! Motherhood definitely becomes you! And that grilled zucchini was delicious! Granddad was so happy to see and hear all anout rhe quads! He missed out big time today !

  2. What a wonderful weekend, I could sit and watch the videos of the kids all day:)
    I would also Love doing laundry if my laundry area looked half as wonderful as yours.
    I never knew you could melt Downy Unstoppables in a wax warmer, where did you learn about that?
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Wow, I hadn't thought to melt them, good idea.....I will be doing this! I love me Downy Unstoppables though.! Babies are just precious and growing so fast!

  4. So extremely sweet little children! And they are so very gymnastic ones. I think they are way beyond the average. I also like their playing room very much. it is big and the windows are huge too and also low enough for them to see out.Very beautiful home! Thank you for showing a bit of your lovely life!

  5. Please do NOT put those in a warmer.
    That's extremely bad for you and your children's health.

    1. Appreciate you visiting the blog - albeit even if an old post. I don't use the unstoppable so any more, just wax melts or old candle wax.

    2. AnonymousJune 30, 2016

      Why does melting Unstopables bad for your health


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