{Tyke Bites} PB&H, Lemon Salt Zucchini & More!

Welcome back to the second installment of my new series, Tyke Bites, where I occasionally share what the quads eat in a particular day. Some meals are more creative than others, some are healthier than others, but it's all in a day's work!

This day's meals started off with buttered biscuits, clementines and bananas for breakfast along with a community bowl of vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt that I mixed with a chocolate-flavored packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast. The quads were a little hesitant about the choco flavor, but we're working on it!

Mid-morning snacks are typically handed out to the babies while they're in the play room and I think they had graham crackers this day. Lunch was one of the quad's favorites: peanut butter and honey sandwiches (cut using an apple corer to make little button sandwiches!), hardboiled eggs, fresh strawberries and pomegranate fruit bites and a couple Cheetoh puffs (they go crazy over those).

This day's snacks included strawberry-banana flavored teddy grahams, honey nut cheerios and cranberry-flavored raisins.

Dinner was a refreshing meal on the grill! I made grilled chicken—flavored simply with garlic powder, sea salt, pepper and a little red pepper flakes—and grilled zucchini with Pioneer Woman's lemon salt. So good! The quads also got raspberries, apples and cheese with their dinner and gobbled it all up pronto.

And that's Tyke Bites!

What's your kiddo's favorite snack?
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  1. I want what THEY are having! Do you remember the baked beans you used to make when you were a little girl? I thought I would let the quads help make some tomorrow! Can't wait to see yall !

  2. I agree with Linda, I want what they are eating:) All looks yummy.
    My hubby loves baked beans if you have a recipe would love to try it:)
    Will have to look for Pioneer Womans Lemon Salt, or is that something homemade?
    Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Thanks Bernice! The lemon salt is homemade, it's basically freshly grated lemon rind mixed with sea salt. Turned out DELISH on the grilled zucchini. ;)

  3. Those look great! Where did you get your plates, if you don't mind me asking? My 15 month old would love those.

    1. We love these plates and obviously they're the only ones we use!! They are the Boon Saucer Edgeless plates and we got ours on Amazon:


  4. OK, you have convinced me that I HAVE to go get these plates! Do your kiddos make as much of a mess as mine does with those Cheetoh puffs? She lovvess them but it's always a 10 minute process to clean her up - I couldn't imagine that times 4! The meals look delish!


    1. They do get messy with the Cheetohs but between eating the rest of their food and licking their fingers, I don't feel like it's too bad. But then again, we do have four so we just accept that messes will happen. A wet paper towel to scrub all those little fingers down works pretty well!

  5. OK I am jealous. I have to feed my twin girls in stages...protein, then veggies, then dairy and finish with fruit. Ottherwise they'll go straight for the fruit and cheese and forget the rest. Share your secret with having them love it all on one plate please!


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