{Five Things} Lotion Commotion

1. Bath & Body Works Amber Blush lotion - This stuff smells amazing! Not too floral, not too light and sticks with me all day. And the name is amazing, too. ;)

2. BLISS Blood Orange+White Pepper Hand Cream - I'm constantly searching for good hand lotion that doesn't have a greasy affect, absorbs well and keeps my always dried-out hands moisturized. This stuff does the trick and I carry it in my purse at all times!

3. Suave Moroccan Infusion Body Lotion - A new addition to the Suave body care line, this stuff is awesome. It smells great and is a very light weight lotion that packs some serious moisture punch. I grabbed my bottle at Target for less than $5! Will be trying their Moroccan Infusion hair shampoo and conditioners next...

4. Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Oily Skin - So, funny story. Boots is a big beauty brand for the UK and the entire year I lived in Scotland, not once did I try anything from their line. I was missing out! Among other stores, Target carries a fair selection of their stuff and I was in need of some good daytime face lotion, my skin just felt "thirsty" and like it wasn't getting enough from thin, watery day lotions. Picked up the day cream for normal skin (although they also have one for dry skin, which would be good throughout winter) and it has an SPF in it as well. It really is a creamy consistency and absorbs very well and I can feel it working all day. The dry spots on my cheeks are gone and my skin has a smoother appearance overall. Definitely a fan!

5. L'Oreal RevitaLift Triple Power Intensive Overnight Mask - Another reason my skin has felt so even toned and moisturized lately is this miracle worker. I love something that works on my skin all night while I sleep and read about L'Oreals new overnight mask in a magazine and decided to give it a try. It's not actually a mask but rather a slightly heavier cream that doesn't end up greasy or oily at all. I rub it in before bed, wash my face in the morning, apply my No 7 to my face and neck and I'm good to go! I truly feel my new skin care regime has helped a lot.

What lotion do you love?
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  1. I do not like putting sunscreens on my face, while in Florida visiting our daughter a few years ago, she introduced me to Clinique even better skin tone correcting moisturizer, broad spectrum SPF 20, she uses it daily, so I tried it and loved it, it is expensive so I do not use it daily wish I could.

  2. That's funny about Boots!!! I remember we shopped there that month we visited you and Mike! I need to find a couple of these products!!!


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