{Quad Squad} 20 Month Update!

The babies are doing so well these days! I'm one proud momma, for sure, and amaze even myself that I continue to find ways to challenge them in every area. As any parent can relate, it's hard to stay ahead of your kids and be sure that they have new things to explore and discover at appropriate times. And of course we're always worrying if we're doing enough or choosing the right things or planning the best activities! But the fact that we, as parents, are even thinking that way and fretting about those things means we are actively being the best parents we can be. At least that's how I view it!

These days, words are coming fast and furious. In fact, the babies are starting to repeat a lot of things we say so the husband and I have officially entered the s-p-e-l-l it out phase. Eek! Pretty sure it's only a matter of time, though, before one of my kiddos is running around the house happily saying, "Shit, shit shit!" Ha, because that's honestly an issue around here for us adults. ;)

Either way, aside from the ever-increasing vocab, motor skills are on the rise as well. Puzzles have taken front and center, especially for Harrison, who absolutely loves putting them together at record speed. You can see the quads trouble shooting things frequently, even together. They will spend great deals of time figuring out how things fit together (especially pieces that click or stack) and will help each other often. They also give out hugs all day long and hug each other all the time now, it's the cutest!

They can imitate animal sounds for around 15 to 20 different animals and find great joy in this and laugh afterward nearly every time. Grandma taught the babies to do "Ring around the Rosy" and the girls will do it on their own, hold hands, turn in a circle and everything! Harrison often hums the tune to "Wheels on the Bus" and has been mimicking the ABC song whenever I sing it as well. Plus he's started saying "thank you" when you give him things and I'm ecstatic about that! We always say "thank you" when we give the quads things, especially food/snacks, gifts, toys, etc. Seems to be working!

Harrison's teething has been absolutely terrible lately and he's been miserable. Top it off with a cold that the babies are fighting right now and he's just downright pitiful. He's been getting lots of TLC and cuddle time with momma, even at 1am this morning in my bed. A rare event, since we discourage them from sleeping with us, but was needed for my little boy since he just couldn't sleep well. His last two eye teeth are about to pop through the gums then he'll have everything except his two-year molars! The girls aren't far behind him either, and I can't wait until the days of teething are behind us. It's exhausting, especially with four!!

The kids are still very good eaters and favorite meals include PB and honey sandwiches, pizza, Annie's organic mac and cheese, turkey sausage, raspberries, cheese, apples and honey nut cheerios, among other things. I've started a new series on my blog called Tyke Bites where I'll be sharing what the quads are eating in a day now and then.

The exceptions to the schedule are that Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are bath days and we typically do those in the morning before or immediately after lunch. (My nanny comes Mondays and Fridays for a couple hours in the morning so I'm excited to have the extra help! She's amazing!)

Often, we do field trips, play dates or other outings in the morning hours during the week. Sometimes on Wednesdays we visit the toddler area at our local library or Monday or Friday morning we'll go to the grocery store with the babies or take them to the play area at the mall. I also schedule all the babies' doctor appointments on either Monday or Friday when I have my nanny to help out, and sometimes we go to lunch afterward. On weekends, the husband and I often take the quads to lunch with us somewhere then bring them home in time for naps. And both our parents are fantastic for coming over periodically for a couple hours on a Saturday or Sunday to give the husband and I a chance to get out for a date night or daytime errands.

The beauty of having such a "scheduled schedule" is that it actually provides us a good deal of flexibility to fit in other things as needed. If we're running behind for naps, it's usually not a big deal. If the quads are distracted with what we're doing they don't get too grumpy, and they just sleep later. Then we get back on schedule by dinner time. Sometimes we wake them up early and start breakfast by 7:45 or 8am if we have an appointment we need to get to and just do an early lunch and nap time. There's certainly a lot of structure to our day but it makes my life so much easier and having a certain amount of predicability when it comes to managing multiples makes a world of difference!

All in all, things are going very well with our quad squad and I have fun getting creative with them and coming up with activities, outings, meals and more for my crew. Often, we have to think of things to do indoors—whether it's stacking blocks on the quad table or coloring with our new Melissa & Doug crayons—since getting out of the house every single day isn't an option. And the husband and I will be installing a mini pool of some sort in our backyard for the summer so the babies can swim and splash around in the water frequently. When we do go on outings, organization, preparation and the willingness to break a sweat are key! (I'm planning a post, actually, on what all is entailed with quadruplet field trips...)

I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Sure, there are moments that are really tough. Teething has really thrown us for a loop sometimes and made some afternoons feel like the seconds were ticking by at a snail's pace. On occasion, I have to go upstairs and sit in my room for a few minutes to regain my cool and keep from yelling at the kids who are driving me crazy. It's all real and we face the same challenges and complications that any parents experience with their kids, whether it's one or eight! I've truly come to appreciate fellow moms who blog and post ideas, schedules, recipes and so on that they use in their homes. It's a great way to swap inspiration and Pinterest is the perfect way to keep all those things organized and not forgotten!

And now I have to start planning a second birthday! As much as I can't believe it, my babies are growing up...
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  1. You really captured the personality of each one of the quads!! Great pics and great post!! I am so happy you love your life!!! The structure of your day is one reason the babies are THRIVING!!! I think we all feel more secure when we know what to expect - young and old alike! I think schedules are beautiful things and yours is still GOLDEN!

  2. I'm afraid I might be in my room, locked up, more often than you are! :) The photos are adorable. Is it possible to know which girl is which? Harrison is easy to find. Teething is really tough on little ones and even though it can drive the parents crazy, it makes them miserable.

    Great photo of your Mom and the littles!


    1. Yes Trystan is my red head, Kailey has the straight hair and Logan has that thick massive mop of curly strands :)

  3. I have followed your blog for awhile and really got a chuckle out of the spelling part. When my daughter was just barely two years old my mother and I were in a Neiman Marcus in California with her 4 year old brother and 6 month old sister. My daughter spilled her cup of Cheerios and in the middle of Neiman Marcus at just 2 years old yells, "OH SHIT!" at the top of her lungs. My mother looks at me with a huge smile on her face and says, "I guess it's time to switch to a different word." We got a good chuckle out of it despite the glares we received from others at the store. I was a very scheduled mama too, I have six children, and it totally worked best for us. My husband and I also believed at night children sleep in their own cribs/beds. Yes, there were those occasional nights of bringing them in just so you could get some rest, but they were far and few between. You are doing a wonderful job with your crew:)

    1. Thank you so much!!! And yes, I have NO DOUBT we'll be having similar stories of our to share soon....times four. Eek!

  4. I love this post!! The individual pictures of the kids makes my heart flutter, they are just adorable. I chuckled at the thought of all four chattering " oh shit" in the playroom. And you are amazing on how even now as active toddlers you have them on a schedule, everyone loves structure, life is so much happier, and your kiddos are soooo happy!
    I have been following you since your hospital days, and you are one amazing young lady and Mommy! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Happy 20 months!!
    ps..Thanks for all the "stats" I am nosey and alway curious;)

    1. I figured you'd be a fan of the "stats!" Thanks for always being so kind and encouraging :)

  5. I am back for another visit just so I can see these precious pics again!!! I need to save them and print!


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