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This weekend has been wonderful—especially because the husband and I got two opportunities to get out of the house together without any kids, one of which included a little shopping spree! Yesterday we grabbed some lunch then shopped Victoria's Secret, Dick's Sporting Goods, Old Navy and Target and came away with some much-needed finds that had been on the "list" for more than a few months. And since I love a good shopping haul post but never get to do one since I'm rarely buying anything besides groceries, you get a gander at my latest non-edible purchases. :)

Because I plan twice-weekly gym sessions into my week when I have someone to watch the kids at home—and because I also tend to wear active clothing about 90% of the week since I'm keeping up with four active toddlers all day!—it was high time to stock up on some fresh duds. I'd had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and had been dying to get more Pink attire from Victoria's Secret. I decided to try a full zippered, lightweight sweatshirt in a cheery bright coral color, as well as a boot cut pair of yoga pants on sale for $24! And I couldn't wait to lounge around the house in a pair of gray campus collegiate pants with black accents—these things are suuuuuuper soft and looked nice and sporty when I tried them on. I also chose a crystal-accented brassiere plus five pairs of undies, which left me one happy girl. Though I think I was most happy because I got to size down from my usual large to size medium in all the bottoms I purchased. A big accomplishment for me post-pregnancy!

My mother-in-law surprised me with a sweet set of travel-sized makeup brushes, mirror and perfume from VS for Valentine's Day. Love those goodies! 

At long last, I've worked up the guts to get back in the pool. Some of you might remember I was a synchronized swimmer for 11 years back in the day and being in the water has long been a huge part of my life. Enduring the quad pregnancy and recovery—which is still ongoing for me, unfortunately—brought my trips to the pool to a screeching halt. But for the first time in years, I tried on a workout swim suit and was mildly delighted that it didn't look all that bad on! I snatched it up and plan to get back in the pool for my long-awaited return to swim workouts next week! (This Speedo suit and TYR cap came from Dick's Sporting Goods, where my husband also snagged black Speedo swim shorts and a mini basketball hoop to mount on the wall in the play room for the quads!)

Our next stop was Old Navy since the entire store was 30% off and I was eager to check out their active wear selection. My nanny often wears their workout capri pants, which are always super cute and a great deal. I found two workout tops for $9 each, a pair of gray super comfy workout pants on sale for $12, a black long-sleeve top and green cami in the clearance section and of course some new jammies for the quad squad!

The girls got three cute Carter's brand onesies at Target, perfect for summer time. I also picked up new makeup, including a lighter shade of my current favorite foundation (Revlon PhotoReady), a new L'Oreal thick eyeliner pencil and Cover Girl's new luminizer face powder.

All in all, it was a super successful shopping haul and a great occasion for us both to indulge in a few purchases that were well-earned! It's such a nice feeling when you actually find things you're looking for, especially clothes and swim suits that fit post-quadruplets. Next, I'll share some sweet photos from our three-day family weekend and more new recipes and favorite products later this week.

What shopping finds have you scored lately?
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  1. Hey, too funny but when in US I bought the same pair of joga pants and also three Pink shirts in both bright colors and black. I love the soft thin texture of them. We do not have Victoria's Secret stores in Finland yet so it is always a must to visit them while in USA.

  2. What a great day shopping, and to have your hubby come along and not complain an added bonus.
    Would love to hear more about your sychronized swimming I love watching it in the summer olympics, how long could you hold your breath?

  3. I'm so glad you were able to have some much needed "you" time and get some goodies for yourself!! It was way overdue!

  4. You GO, Girl!!!! You're BACK!!!!!!

  5. I love that you take good care of yourself and exercise beside running around after your quads..You also loooook fabulous and put make up on yourself and look really feminine even though you have a herculean feat of taking care of your quads daily...Congrats to you and your hubs for getting away twice this past weekend, you surely deserve it. Your baby dolls will grow up fast and be on their own and one has to still be in their own body & soul- I love your perspective on valentines day too, our only child is 36 never dated much and no boyfriends, we always sent lovely cards, but all the time, not just on valentines day, each day is precious in this world why not be sweet to those we love each and everyday one never knows when the Lord will call one's self home is our philosophy and this world is always in need of love and compassion..love your blog, read it daily & I think you and your Hubs are terrific human benigs, momma and daddy included!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a great week with your new clothing, cosmetics etc..ciao & XXXXX()()()()()()XXXXX()()()


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