{Five Things} Energy Tea, Caramel Lip Balm & More

1. OPI Barre My Soul - I just recently squeezed in a speedy manicure at my local nail salon (I'm usually more of a pedicure gal, but had been chewing my cuticles too much), and I picked out this color since I didn't want it to be painfully obvious when the polish started chipping. I love the subtle pink undertones and neutral hue and even got rave reviews from the manicurist. Definitely getting it again!

2. Sparkly Green Earrings - This book just arrived in my latest order from Amazon and I'm eager to crack it open! The author, Melanie Shankle, is also a blogger over at The Big Momma blog and the tome is all about her humorous, and some not so funny, memoirs as a parent. I've got book writing plans of my own—about raising multiples and keeping your sanity!—and thought this would be good inspiration.

3. L'Oreal Colour Rich Balm in Caramel Comfort - Grabbed this color at Target after a fellow quad mom spotted it on Pinterest and I added it to my Get Pretty board. Love it! I already had the light pink lip balm but this caramel shade is perfect for pairing with darker eye shadow or bronzy looks.

4. Lipton Natural Energy - It's been a few weeks now since I added to this to my tea stash in the kitchen and it's become a regular go-to. I don't drink coffee and limit myself to one Coke a day, so the rest of the time I'm sipping water, gatorade or tea. (Um, or wine.) I really do feel like it perks me up and gives me a boost, since it has more caffeine and thiamin then your average tea bag. Often, I'll pair it with some Tazo green tea for more flavor.

5. Now Foods Solutions Coconut Oil - Ta-dah! The item I couldn't wait to share with you most is my beloved coconut oil!!! I've cooked with this stuff for years now, and it's great for high-temp stove-top fare. But I've begun incorporating it into my beauty routine and am in love with this product. First, I made a DIY sugar scrub with it (blog post on that coming soon!) and then I started using it as under eye cream at night, dry spot face lotion during the day, elbow moisturizer, a quick remedy for household burns on skin, dry and red cheeks on the babies, foot lotion, knuckle moisturizer and more. I mean, seriously, you could put this on just about anything for any reason. It's all natural, high in moisture and isn't greasy once absorbed. Get you some of this!!

What products are you loving lately?

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  1. I think you could write an amazing book. I would love to someday start public speaking about all the trials we have faced in life and how we have gone into them head first (often wishing we were heading a different direction) and came out a better husband, wife, mom and dad. I use coconut oil daily for teeth pulling. A tbsp of oil swished around in my mouth for 20 minutes. My gums have never looked so healthy and no tarter build up.

  2. Great info ~ thanks for sharing!


  3. We use coconut oil for everything in this house too! Love that stuff!


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