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My name is Amber and I'm a former magazine editor-turned-freelance writer and editorial consultant. See my professional site here.

I started this blog when my husband and I moved to Scotland for a year through his company. We're a fun-loving couple with two giant dogs, a pair of grumpy old cats and a cute little house in the 'burbs. I share my many self-made recipes on the blog regularly, as well as photos and recaps of all our European travels, life in Scotland and, now, our everday life back in Texas with quadruplets.

We live our life to the absolute fullest. There's a running joke that we don't do anything half-assed, and we tend to catapult ourselves into whatever next adventure life calls us to. Whether it's moving to Scotland for a year or having four babies at one time. We drink beer, we cook lots of good food, we socialize as much as we're able and we raise our adorable quadruplets—they are our true miracles.

Though we share so many common interests, our personalities couldn't be more opposite. My husband is an engineer, a regimented planner and a talent with numbers. Me? Well, I'm a writer and editor with a flair for the creative and the ability to often fly by the seat of her pants. But in the end, sittin' on the back porch sippin' on a brewsky watching the dogs play under a Texas sunset are the moments we treasure.

When the husband's company offered us an opportunity to live in Scotland for a year, we took it! We lived abroad, alongside a very fun group of Scots, with a small flat to our name and a miniature Nissan Micra to shuttle around the country in. It was an amazing adventure with tons of traveling and cultural experiences that we'll never forget.

After we returned home to Texas, we (sorta) picked up right where we left off. The husband went back to work and I started my own freelance business and decided to press on with blog because, well, turns out I really enjoy it.

In January 2012, we shared the thrilling news that we were expecting quadruplets! I was safely and wonderfully seen through my pregnancy and delivery by Dr. Ziad Melhem at the OB/GYN Center and delivered my fab four at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center in Houston. He was an amazing doctor and I have never felt so confident in my health care. My two month stay in the Labor & Delivery ward at the hospital prior to having the quads was a long, difficult one for me—but the nurses took great care of me and really got me through the tough days! I am so grateful for the NICU and all the wonderful nurses that cared for our babies for the first eight weeks of their lives. We learned so much from them and they taught us how to care for preemies and cheered us on with every milestone. Good medical care and doctors and nurses that make a difference are truly important!

Our blog now serves yet another purpose as we happily shared updates, photos and thoughts throughout the quad pregnancy and into our newfound roles as parents.

This blog is the story of our lives, one chapter at a time...
thanks for reading along!

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