{Weekend Recap} Sugar Highs & Go Fish!

I decided my weekend officially started on Friday at approximately 4pm. Because that's when I poured myself a (nonbreakable) glass of wine—from my Bota box of malbec, if you must know!—and gave the kids a change in pace with their afternoon play time. Instead of heading downstairs to the play room after naps, we hung out in Trystan and Logan's room with their bin of cars and two car mats to play on, plus snack cups of cheerios and frosted animal cookies. Which they decorated the floor with liberally, but I did not mind because I was happily drinking my wine and listening to the radio on the intercom while I watched them play. ;)

I just had to throw in that last photo of Logan because her hair is so pretty and I love pulling it into pigtails and ponytails and even a half-up do! She got her mama's thick hair, to be sure. 

The husband and I both fell asleep on the couch while we attempted to watch some TV shows on the DVR after the babies were in bed, and all four of them slept in on Saturday so we weren't downstairs for breakfast until 9:30am!!! I loooooove that my babies sleep in on the weekends without a problem, which makes for a really nice change in pace for mama and daddy! However, despite the late rising time, I was still so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open so I took a 2.5 hour nap when the babies napped that afternoon. That's a rare occurrence, since I'm not really a nap person. They tend to slow me down versus help me out, but exhaustion has hit me hard this week. I was glad for the extra rest because the husband and I handed off bedtime duty to the nanny and hit a local resto for dinner with friends of ours. Much needed beers and delicious brisket enchiladas!

Sunday morning, I actually woke up feeling more energized and ran off for some donuts and kolaches while the husband changed diapers and brought the kiddos downstairs. It was the quad's first time to eat donuts and, of course, they loved them!

After a successful nap time during which I worked on my computer and the husband watched a movie (poor guy has a crick in his neck), we loaded up the babies and headed off for another first: a trip to Petsmart. They were totally fascinated!! We'd never plunked them down into the open area of a shopping cart before since they always sit in the belted seats in the front. But they took to it with no problem at all, sitting of their own accord (and saying "sit, sit!" to each other) when the cart was in motion, then occasionally standing up a little to get a better view of the animals. 

I think their favorite part were all the cats moseying around their boxes. The babies have come to love my cat, Snowball, who is now 18 years old!! And Snowball has come to adore the quads, she realized last week that she can come to the baby gate of their play room that opens into the hallway and lay beside and get petted by four sets of hands. She'll start purring and halfway close her eyes and doesn't even seem to care if someone pulls back a handful of fur.

Both the husband and I loved watching the babies discover animals in the flesh that we've been learning about and repeating nonstop for the past several months. They perked up at the colorful orange goldfish and watched the blue and green parakeets hopping about in their cages with unfettered excitement. We also walked by the dog training area that's enclosed by a solid clear wall of glass. But I felt like we were the exhibit instead since so many of the folks in there were pointing, oohing, aahing and waving at the babies when they realized we had four!

After Petsmart, we reloaded the 'burb and headed a few parking lots over to Costco. It was almost painful to put everyone back into their car seats for such a short distance, but we had already decided we were bound and determined to get our Costco shopping done. I was excited I wouldn't be having to do it solo later in the week, bulk shopping is exhausting!!

We were stopped many, many times in Costco on this particular outing—probably because it was a busy Sunday. Lots of gawking, stares and questions but thankfully no one was rude. We did try to politely exit a conversation with an older couple and the man just wouldn't take a hint and kept trying to ask us about intimate details of our daily schedule. But finally his wife told him to let us be so we could finish shopping while our kids were behaving so nicely! And another lady who was shopping with her husband ran up and asked the husband which baby was "Baby A" and had been born first. She excitedly explained she was a twin herself and thought it was so neat to see such an adorable set of twins. Then she glanced up and realized all the girls were dressed in the same tops and we were actually together, so I said, "Or quadruplets, which is even better!" with a big grin and her face just about killed me. Sometimes we like to have a wee bit of fun with people. ;)

Apparently I got a second wind when we got home, but we were also smart and picked up Pizza Hut for dinner so we could feed the babies as soon as we arrived. Always a great plan! They were enjoying their dinner 15 minutes ahead of schedule—despite a meltdown from Kailey afterward—and I wolfed down a slice of pepperoni and poured a glass of wine then unloaded our entire grocery haul, cleaned out the whole fridge and put everything away, all neat and organized! (Speaking of organized, I always have to have an organized grocery list when I hit up the store and have been using a simple printable one I found on Pinterest. Find it on my Organizing board.)

The husband neck still wasn't any better, so he started dressing the babies for bed while I took care of everything else. Saturday he was super motivated and I was exhausted, so it worked out that I felt better on Sunday! By just after 9pm, the babies were sound asleep in their beds and I'd poured a second glass of wine (yeah, yeah, I enjoy my wine at the end of the day!) and was headed to my bed and the DVR.

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Have a great week!
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  1. What a great post about a great weekend ! Love the picture of you and Mike

  2. Wow what a fun weekend. We learned a long time ago not to shop Costco on the weekend, they have way to many "free" samples, you would think people came just to eat.
    Love all the pictures, the Quads are sooo cute,and so are you and the hubs;)
    Thanks for sharing:)
    ps how is your mom feeling?

  3. Busy weekend but fun too! All the photos are great...you and Mike look so good.


  4. the "babies" are getting so big :) and I love logans hair ( hope i wrote the right name) she looks so grown up. I just love reading your blog and seeing the babies it always makes me smile

  5. Just found you & read some posts and your story!!!!! LOVE it, how cute are they?! Newest follower and excited to read more!


  6. I love finding Texan bloggers! Your kids are too cute!!!



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