{Home Decor} Spring Entry Table & My Blossoming Addiction!

Despite all the cold, rainy weather we've been having in the Dallas area lately, I've been ready for a little color and spring in my step—and my home! One thing I always have to have around are fresh flowers. It's an addiction, really. Like it bothers me if I don't have a single blooming flower in the house. But I don't go crazy, I tend to get the cheaper flowers like brightly hued carnations and large spider mums since they last longer. Roses are my favorite flower and the husband always seems to know when he needs to pick me up a dozen on his way from work.

Once, a few weeks ago, I was at our neighborhood Starbucks writing a few features for a magazine while my friend Jo Ann kept the babies at the house. The husband was on his way back to the office after a meeting and happened to know exactly where I was, so he showed up with a dozen roses in my favorite peach color right there in the coffee shop! Several of the people around us gasped and started smiling really big because I think they thought he was about to propose, haha! Instead he got a big hug and a kiss and everyone realized we were actually already married. The guy at the table next to me told the husband he was making all the other men look bad and that we were such a cute couple. Then he found out we had quadruplets at home and couldn't stop giving us kudos for still being in love!! But that single gesture of thoughtfulness from my husband kept a smile on my face the rest of that day and every time I think of it afterward. Flowers and a trip to the movie theater are sure fire ways to cheer me up anytime I'm down—in fact, the husband tells me all the time that he's so glad it's that simple!

Needless to say, anytime I'm at the grocery store I tend to grab a small arrangement of petals to keep on the island in my kitchen. I splurged on three hydrangeas for $7 the other day and dispersed them around the house, including my bedroom. (I used white faux versions on my recent DIY spring wreath, which is also pinned to my Crafts board on Pinterest.) I like to take large blooms and put a single stem in a small vase or cluster smaller flowers, like carnations, tightly together for added effect. I know a lot of my friends comment on how they love that I always have fresh flowers (and usually a candle burning!) in my home constantly. It's really not an added expense, you can always buy the cheaper options or even a bunch of greenery from your yard to use as color. And a lot of these flowers last me a week or more, so it's easy to absorb that $5 or $6 into my weekly grocery bill!

After finally taking down the last of my Christmas almost mid-way through January, my entry table set vacant for a little while since I still had some clean-up to do and wasn't sure what I wanted on it yet. I love having a blank slate with that table, it's a great place to have fun with decorating themes and different looks throughout the year so I never get bored with it. That rustic little table was a $35 Craig's List find and one of my best purchases! It fit perfectly into the entry way of both our last house and our current home and the drawers are handy for storing keys, odds and ends or things the grandparents leave behind and need to pick up at their next visit. ;)

I went with a slightly rustic arrangement of frames and random decorative bits I gleaned from other areas of the house and incorporated a little bit of blues and greens to make me happy. There's so many mementos I've created, purchased or collected over the past seven and a half years of my marriage and now with the addition of four kids, I probably can't have enough picture frames in my house or on my walls! Oh and, yes, you can see ol' Herman—our ceramic penguin—hanging around under the table. He's a pretty standard fixture in that spot, he lived there at our last place and was a housewarming gift from the husband's brother. See? Lots of mementos!

The bright green faux flowers at the end of the table are in a tall cylinder glass vase that I slipped a wine bottle bag over since I liked the burlap accent. I added Texas star candle holders (you can find Texas stars all over my house!), a clock from Hobby Lobby and a framed photo of our trip to Prague in 2010. The faux boxwood stems and vase are sitting atop books in DIY scrapbook paper covers that I made several years ago.

The opposite side of the table features an adorable black and white photo of the husband with Kailey and Logan in a frame gifted to me by my mother-in-law this past Christmas—more Texas stars! The patina-like cross was a housewarming gift from family friends, as was the slate plaque that was a Christmas gift two years ago from good friends of ours in Houston. We joke that it needs just one more "always" to be perfect for the quad squad we are grateful for!

The banister on the stairs looks naked since all the Christmas garland and ornaments are now gone, but I love the adorable kid-sized bench (with a Texas star, of course! see the trend?!) that was a Christmas gift from my mom and step-dad. They are the best grandparents to our kids and love them dearly and this was such a nice surprise! The kids will often get free roam every now and then and like to sit for a spell on their little bench while looking out the front door. :)

I'm still working on ideas for what to put on the giant shelf at the top of the stairs that runs along the entry way, but for now there's an oversized thrift store candle stick, a lantern that was a clearance find at Ross, a basket with faux greenery from Marshalls and the large sticks that I got on sale for $20 at Hobby Lobby! Love those things! I'm thinking a supersized vase to hold them would be great and some large scale wall art—think patina faux-windows—on the wall above the ledge. A work in progress...

What do you like to incorporate into your home on the daily?
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P.S. New recipe up next!


  1. I'm a big candle lover too! I love the idea of fresh flowers, but never follow through...lol. I second the ideas of faux windows for the shelf, we have one (from Hobby Lobby) in our hallway and I LOVE it!


  2. Flora and fauna just make a home! Love your sweet header.

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  3. Very pretty, I have a few candles and lots of pictures, along with a few decorative little boxes/tins. Some day I want to do a picture wall like you did in our entry.
    Thanks for sharing:)


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