{Home Decor} The Evolution of Our Living Room

My sense of home decor has certainly changed over the years. And it's extremely accurate to say it's matured as I have, since the husband and I moved into our first house just after our wedding in September 2006. It was a great little starter home in a quiet suburb and we'd scraped together a few pieces of new furniture and repurposed many of our pieces from college. I was only 21 years old (he was 24) and we were thrilled with the simple fact that we had a home of our own and it came with a backyard.

Here's how our current living room looks...

...and here's what we were working with back in 2006!

In 2009, we rented out our home, packed all our things into storage and set out to live in Scotland for a year. Our flat overseas came with green walls and odd furniture, but it was home to us for 365 adventurous days. :)

When it was time to pack up our things and head back to Texas, we spent four months living in the guest room at our good friend's house while we searched for a new home (we'd decided to leave our previous one rented out). Finally we found a space we loved in December 2010, just in time for Christmas, and were excited to put down roots once again.

Though most of the time after the quadruplets arrived, our living room looked like this...

And then it was time to move yet again. The addition of four babies meant we needed to head back to our hometown in the Dallas area and be closer to family, much earlier than we'd originally planned to. So we put our house on the market in early 2013 and sold it within the week, then packed up a couple weeks later and made our big move! The next four months we lived in a tiny two bedroom apartment while we searched for the perfect home for our family of six.

At last, we found a home we fell in love with and we excitedly moved in on the 4th of July in 2013. Now our living room looks like this...

Better, don't ya think!? There are, of course, various changes and improvements we hope to accomplish over the coming months and years. (Nothing moves fast when you have four toddlers taking up 99.999% of your time and attention!) For instance, I'd love to replace the curtains and drapes eventually, refinish the floors, get a pad for under the rug to make it softer, mount the TV on the wall and add new lamp shades.

It's so fascinating how the evolution of our living room has reflected such a journey in our lives. We feel that we make any place we land a home, but are especially happy to be in a home we love and that has plenty of room for our thriving quadruplets and visiting family. Here's to whatever styles and decor the future may bring!
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  1. Looking at the pictures I still cannot believe you still have hair and your sanity living in a 2 bedroom apartment with four babies!
    Love your current Living Room,did you do any measuring before you moved or did you have a good idea where all the pieces would go?
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I wish you many years of happiness in this home. I wonder if it will feel small when those four tiny darlings become teenagers. LOL


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