{Weekend Recap} Slushy Pedicures & Fleece Pants

Y'all. 53 degrees. Twas the temperature difference we experience in one single weekend. That's Texas for ya! We always say that if you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes for it to change. And that was pretty close to accurate for the past couple days. Sunshine, shorts and t-shirt weather to sleet and snow!

Friday morning I got all my sh*t together early and my nanny and I had the babies at our local mall ready to go by 9:05am! (Of course I had to stop and get my large Coke for the day at Sonic on the way - needed help waking up and I don't drink coffee!) The kids loved having the run of the indoor play area and enjoyed it all to themselves for the first 40 minutes or so. After that, more moms and kiddos started trickling in and the place got slammed by 10:30am, which is when we bailed for a quick trip into American Eagle and then off to pick up lunch at Chick-Fil-A.

How handsome is my little man sporting his new sneakers in the photo above?! (I scored them at Target on clearance for $12. Yea-yuh.) He's my miracle baby through and through and manages to pull at my heart strings every single time I look at him. 

Later in the afternoon, I felt a little brave like getting a little crafty so I pulled out some recent $1 finds from Target, put the kids in the quad table and handed out foam butterflies and rabbit cut-outs, smeared them with some glue and helped them stick pom-poms on top. Easy peasy! Trystan nailed it. I showed her the process just one time then she carefully and methodically placed all her pom-poms by herself after that, I was so proud! Kailey liked to put all her poms on there then wipe them off and get glue all over the place. Typical!

I hope to turn their artwork into a festive little Easter banner and plan to share that in a later post, as well as some cute Easter gear I got for the quads and recent clothing purchases!

Kailey was blue, Trystan did pink, Logan got purple and Harrison decorated the rabbit.

After craft time, I gave the kids chalk and they went to town on the magnetic chalkboard that's in their play room. Kailey tried to inconspicuously color with her chalk on the adjoining wall a few times but I kept steering her back to the board. Then she kept holding the chalk up to her mouth threatening to taste test it and, despite me repeatedly telling her no, she finally took an emphatic bite. It wasn't what she'd hoped it to be and she spit it out with a disgusted face, wagging her little tongue around. There was no more chalk eating after that!

They also enjoyed watching Bubble Guppies together while waiting on Daddy to get home from work Friday afternoon. My sweet little crew! I'm so glad they're starting to feel better from the colds they've been battling for the past week. Momma is tired!

Originally, the husband and I had planned to take the babies out to lunch on Saturday but I wasn't feeling very well so we settled on lunch at home and opted to bring them out in the backyard after naps. It was perfect weather (mid-70s!) and the ground had all dried up so there wasn't any muddy patches at long last. They loved it and I loved watching them play!

It was so great for them to get out and run around without us having to load up the suburban and haul everybody out, and perfect for my low energy level that day! They were so content when we brought them back inside and we enjoyed a leisurely family dinner and a new recipe—Greek turkey burgers, which I'll be sharing on the blog soon! After we got the babies dressed in fresh pj's, we goofed off in the play room and took silly pictures. Love my fam. :)

And then the 53 degree weather drop hit. Sunday was freeeeeeeezing! I dressed the girls in comfy tights and Harrison in cozy pants and daddy made them mac and cheese for lunch while I got a break for a little while.

Cold temps and some sleet didn't stop me and my multi-mama friend—she's got triplets a little older than my quads and is a childhood friend!—from meeting up for lunch and pedicures. Even though our toesies froze walking to our cars afterward wearing flip flops in 22 degrees with slush on the ground! Nevertheless, we enjoyed every second and I managed to shop Carter's on my way home and pick up food for the week at the grocery store. By the time I headed back to the house, I was starting to slip and slide on the road so I was glad to be home and warm up!

After a quick rotisserie chicken and veggie dinner, we captured this adorable video showing off the quad's practiced animal noises, body parts and colors. While I was gone Sunday afternoon, their daddy taught them how to give each other high five's and they kept holding hands. Cuties!

I just love soaking up little moments with my fab four, it's all we can do to keep up with how quickly they are changing and developing and maturing. Sometimes it's overwhelming to try and keep up with four babies, to catch all the "firsts" and capture all the photos and video. And sometimes we just bask in the middle of it all and watch them run around us doing their thing. 

Post-dinner, everyone got into some fleece pj's—including me!—and the babies drifted off to sleep while I caught up on shows on the DVR and sipped my Celestial Sleepytime Extra tea. Think I finally warmed up my feet in the thickest socks I own, and just sat and relaxed....and updated my blog. Perfect way to end the weekend.

Stay warm, friends!
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  1. Our weather in Ky is being seriously bi polar too. We went from 4-wheeling on Saturday to being iced and snowed in today! Just crazy!!!!
    Love all the pics, the Quads are growing so fast. It's just unbelievable!

  2. I can NOT tell you how much I LOVE this post!!! I love how you embrace and celebrate your life and being a mom to your four little miracles!! Do you remember what the flight attendants tell us before the plane departs? In case of an emergency - put on your OWN oxygen mask first - then help those around you! By taking care of yourself - you are putting fuel in your tank that enables you to take care of your family. You are doing a spendid job and I am so enormously PROUD of you!!!

    1. Thank you mom :) I have good support!

  3. Absolutely loving the pictures and video in the back yard! The girls all look like some serious big kids with their hair in pig tails!

  4. We are a balmy 10 degrees, we were suppose to get 6 inches of snow yesterday, instead we got sleet and ice and bitter cold again..not fun. Watching the 2 grandsons as many schools are cancelled, the six year old thinks you are really strong to push all those kids in the stroller, and 3 year old thinks Logan is pretty, picture with pink hat:)
    I love all the pictures!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family! I totally agree with your Mom ~ you're an amazing mom and I honestly don't know how you do it all.


  6. What a beautiful, joyous family you are. And WHAT is up with the Texas weather!?


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