{Daily Pics} Going Blonde & Thigh Rolls

Here's a few scenes from our week...

the girls playing with their spring gel window clings, 40% off at hobby lobby right now!

my new blonde highlights and i'm loving them

a bunch o' easter egg fun for the quads to get into during play time

the cutest little thigh roll on trystan's sweet baby legs, my favorite ever

oh just the "small" stack of editing i picked up from a client today,
i will be burning the midnight oil!

my crew of babies watching paw patrol together in their play room

Hope your week has been filled with sweet moments!
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  1. Love Love your hair,it looks great, and the thigh roll on Trystan !
    Hope you have a glass of wine to help burn the midnite oil while working;)
    My sweet moment comes tomorrow as it is 'date nite' with Grandma, heading to Chuck E Cheese with my 3 grandsons, I will need the wine when I get home;)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fun photos, you have it under control:) Enjoy your evening!

  3. My son is ADDICTED to paw patrol. Actually doing his birthday in it. Its "too new" to find anything but no fear Nick Jr has TONS to print out for it. super cute and excited.

    Love reading your blog and your kiddos are adorable!

  4. Your hair looks great. Paw Patrol oh how the cartoons have changed.


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