{Daily Pics} Things That Make Me Smile

Fresh flowers, happy kids, family and food are guaranteed mood improvers for me. And movies. I do love watching movies—but that's not included in today's gallery of photos, so I digress.

Here's what's made me smile this week...

The play castle that the kids are hiding in was a $4.60 find at Stein Mart this week! And the baby doll that Trystan is playing with in the last photo was mine when I was her age and it's dressed in a onesie I also wore as a baby. My mom has a soft spot for her children's keepsakes and now some of those are being passed on to mine, which makes them extra special.

Happy weekend!
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  1. They all made me smile too. Beautiful quads and beautiful flowers.

  2. I cannot imagine not smiling when around those adorable little ones:)
    Love all your flowers. Hope your weekend is wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. This is a lot to smile about:) You should hear that special Grand Dad boast about those little toddlers! I love the bathtub photo. Have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful photos! I absolutely LOVE having fresh flowers ~ glad they made you happy.


  5. You and your family are so blessed to have LD as the granddad of the babies. It is such a sweet thing just to see how he bonds with them. What a lovely tender man.


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