One Nightstand or Two?

Let's talk nightstands.

And morning and night routines.

Ahhhh, but you thought that title might elude to something dirrrrty didn't you? Puh-lease. I'm a mom to four toddlers, I ain't got time for dirty unless it's in a diaper.

I always think it's interesting what we choose to start and end our day with. For instance, I have the alarm on my phone (because regular alarm clocks are so uncool) set to a gently ascending tone so it eases me awake. I don't do mornings well to begin with and I do them much less well when I'm jolted to consciousness. Then I check the baby video monitors on my TV screen in both the kid's rooms to see how everyone's doing and who might still be asleep. On days I'm by myself with the babies, I sleep until they wake me up, which is often around 8:30am. Love that my babies sleep in!! On days I have my nanny or someone coming to help me out, I'm up by 7:15am.

After that, I quickly look at my e-mail and Facebook to see what's going on in the world then wash my face, brush my teeth and get into some fresh clothes for the day. Orrrrrr throw on a sweat shirt over my sleep shirt and add some PJ pants. Totally acceptable, right!?

I've become addicted to my eye mask for sleeping. That thing is wonderful. I bought it for $30 on Etsy years and years ago and it's held up perfectly, even with a machine washing every couple weeks. I used it overseas in Scotland when we lived there for awhile, especially since during the summer months the sun stayed up until 11pm! Then I used it in our friend's guest room where we lived temporarily while searching for a home back in Texas and kept the glaring morning sun out of my face at 6am. Now I use it on mornings I want to sleep in a little later than normal, since the blinds in our room aren't very dark. It's so comfortable and soft and has two straps that go around your head for extra comfort and to ensure it stays in place.

Some of you may recall my recent addiction to coconut oil (the jar with the silver lid) and all the wonderful things you can use it for. I slather it on my elbows, hands and feet before bed and also use it as an additional under eye cream and apply it to any dry spots on my face as well.

Naturally I've got my phone charger, TV remote, DVD remote, tissue and fresh flowers because I believe they make me happier every time I see them. (I keep a vase of flowers in my kitchen regularly!) There's a vanilla lavender candle by Glade that smells so great and I love to burn it before bed, plus a lavender spray I use on my sheets. And I love my giant Starbucks cup, perfect for keeping water by the bed at night since a medication I take makes me thirsty.

One of the best things the husband did for me when I was pregnant was plug in a sliding switch for my lamp and hung it over the headboard near my pillow. You can barely see the sliver of white peeking out from my bedpost, but that thing is awesome. When I was getting bigger and bigger during my pregnancy it was harder to roll over and move around. So many times I'd forget to turn out my light and have to flop around in bed to get to it then get comfortable again. Then during my recovery from surgery moving around at all was incredibly painful, so it was nice to reach back and switch my light off with ease. It's also a dimmer switch, so I can turn the light down when I'm getting ready for bed in the evenings (since dim lighting always relaxes me) or dim it for when we watch a movie in bed.

The navy sheets pictured on the bed are incredibly soft and comfy, a recent surprise gift (the awesome no-reason-kind-of-gifts-just-wanted-to-do-something-nice-gift!) from my friend, Jen, and we love them! Plus they matched my West Elm duvet cover perfectly. Lastly, I've got my leopard print slippers by the bed, a Christmas gift from my mom-in-law. They have actual soles which is great for my feet, since I'm still dealing with painful plantar fasciitis every day. Ugh.

The drawer holds extra lotions, pen and paper so I can write things down that are keeping me awake at night, nail files and random odds and ends. The bottom door cabinet is actually empty! Surprising, even for me. Though I guess it would be a good place to stash the book I just started reading, Orange Is the New Black. If I like it, I plan to check out the Netflix TV series inspired by the tome.

Didn't know someone could write so much about their nightstand, did ya!? I just think it's interesting to see what go-to products people have to have readily available, how they choose to decorate or arrange their nightstands and the style they convey. I'd like to think the zebra charger underneath the lamp shows my fun and spunky side. ;)

What's on your nightstand?
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  1. At one time our nitestands had books/magazines, the remote, candles etc on them, now all of that has all been moved to the small drawers, I am lucky I can get my water glass on the table. We both recently have been put on cpap machines,so romantic and sexy;)
    We have been looking off and on for nitestands that will fit the space and the machine and the lonnng hose in a deep drawer or cabinet so we can have our "stuff" back,no such luck yet:(
    Thanks for sharing, and have a Great Weekend:)

  2. I have a nice vintage-ish lamp, a small jewerley box, my phone of course, a couple of magazines, a Kate Spade vase with flowers, a little owl trinket, chapstick, a pen, and about 10 books (stacked)...it's crowded, but I love it.

  3. "Orange Is the New Black" is a good tv series...I'm looking forward to the new season...didn't realize there is a book, which I will now have to read....hugs to the quads.

  4. Our night stand is pretty basic. On top we keep our alarm clock plus Hubby's cell phone. We can't hear the alarm 1/2 the time so we set his alarm on his phone too. On the second shelf is a bottle of lubriderm lotion and a locked box that houses massage oils and other adult items (LOL)! The drawer of my night stand holds a pen and paper.

  5. David's nite is neat and tidy with lamp and alarm. Mine on the other hand has lotion, drink, remote, phone lamp, pencil holder, alarm, book or a magazine or two. yep mine is the messy one.


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