{Tyke Bites} Breakfast Edition

Since I'm not a big breakfast eater, it can sometimes be difficult for me to come up with meal ideas or fresh inspiration when it comes to the quads first food of the day. I always serve fruit and tend to swap out things like eggs, waffles, biscuits, sausage, turkey bacon and oatmeal. But there's a couple newer go-tos that have gotten rave reviews from my four hoodlums, so I thought I'd share a Tyke Bites: Breakfast Edition in the spirit of changing things up. And because it's Saturday morning. ;)

The babies had never had whipped cream before and I thought it was cute that Megan over at Hello Newlywed Life often dollops on a bit with sprinkles for her cute tyke, so I followed suit. Their strawberries got a squirt of whipped cream and colorful sprinkles, which they all stared at for a few seconds before slowly giving it a one-finger-tip taste test! The babies also love cheerios and cereal in general, so I served a mix of cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch with their berries as well as grapes, high-fat Greek yogurt and milk. Success! Plus it was super easy and literally took me less than 10 minutes to throw all four breakfasts together.

Another long-time fave in our house has been banana bread. But with the new variations I've been trying when I bake it now—which include whole wheat flour and honey and applesauce instead of oil and sugar—it's now becoming a healthier option and the babies love to chow down on it for their morning meal. I recently served it with scrambled eggs, cantaloupe and a big serving of raspberries since that's one of their can't-get-enough-shove-a-fistful-into-my-mouth fruits right now.

Lastly, several of my quad moms rave about the new way to serve cereal to toddlers. Simply mix it with yogurt and toss in a spoon! Mine didn't take to the idea so well the first time we tried it, but when I revisited the concept several weeks later they were sold! I plan to do a little less yogurt and a little more cheerio next time, to make it easier to spoon out. I use Greek Gods yogurt since it's got the highest calorie and protein content, and on this morning we did the strawberry honey flavor with honey nut cheerios. They also got turkey bacon and milk. Since there's so many yogurt and cheerio flavors out there, this could be a fun combo to mix up once in awhile! Plus it really helps with their spoon control, since they've gotten pretty good with their forks at dinner...

What are some of your toddler's top breakfast picks?
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  1. Cheesey scrambled eggs with pear slices on the side.
    Our girl just turned one and still has NO teeth, so
    we have to be extra creative. She also likes to drink
    The Tropicana Juice that is half veggie/half fruit juice.
    We often dilute it a bit by adding water.

  2. I LOVE seeing the babies!! You have set a high standard on the quads menus!! We tend to skip breakfast more days than not - which really isn't a good thing! Have a great weekend! We are thinking about and bragging on you all down here in the country!! Someday we will bring the quads WITH us!!!! SO much to look forward to!!

  3. love those faces! i just found a really good high protein banana bread recipe that i'm so in love with. and it makes a large batch. i freeze my muffins and heat up one each day. here's the recipe: http://www.onelovelylife.com/?p=8675


  4. You are SO creative! I think your H and you have such great little eaters!


  5. Amber I have loved cheerios & yogurt for years, it seems more filling to me rather than milk. My favs art lemon or lime:) your little ones are great eaters:)


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