{Home Decor} Easter Entry Table & Kid Crafts!

So the only Easter decor I've ever really owned was a ziploc full of plastic eggs. That was it. I never really decorate much for the smaller holidays, like Valentine's, St. Patty's, Easter, etc. It's just more stuff to put up, take down and store. If I even remembered to do all that in the first place. I mean, my Christmas cards are still on display on the cabinets in my kitchen. And it's mid-March. Don't judge.

But a friend mentioned to me about decorating for some of the holidays other than those that land in winter months because kids will notice and find it a fun way to get involved. I figured there was some truth to that, and made a trip to Hobby Lobby not long after. I picked up only a few things, like a ceramic rabbit and bird, a round ball of faux boxwood, blue polka dot burlap ribbon and some more plastic eggs. Then I came up with an Easter-worthy entry table to celebrate the reason for the season.

Pretty much everything other than the three aforementioned and newly purchased items were picked up from other areas in my home and repurposed for the entry table. The burlap ribbon randomly matched my color scheme I inadvertently assembled, and the piece of birchwood is one my mom had for years and years from San Francisco, I think. I like rustic touches, if you can't tell!

For the rabbit and burlap garland, I simply cut squares of burlap, printed a bunny template and traced it onto scrapbook paper and cut those out, glued on white pom-poms for tails and hot glued the rabbits to the burlap. I was able to use a hole punch on the burlap since it was pretty thin then strung some light green ribbon through and hung her up!

And I brightened up my DIY spring wreath on my front door by adding two vibrant blue faux flowers to the mix and I love the color punch. So fresh!

Before I had tackled my entry table, though, I decided to tackle my first official craft project with the quads. They'd done finger painting once before and plenty of coloring and chalk fun, but no actually assembly-required crafts to speak of. I had picked up a bunch of random Easter-themed items from Target's $1 bins and sort of made up my own craft one afternoon...

I smeared glue onto the styrofoam rabbits and butterflies then let the kids stick the pom-poms into place. It went surprisingly well and Trystan turned out to be my master crafter in the bunch! I showed her how to stick on the pom-poms just once and then she did the rest in a perfect circle all on her own (the pink butterfly, pictured below). They also stuck random Mickey Mouse and star stickers on some pieces (I saved the sticker letters for another day), then I used twine to string together the whole punched pieces after the glue had dried. It made a great banner for their play room and the quads run over and point up and look at it all the time. They also make sure to point it out to visitors anytime someone comes over!

Feeling confident after Craft Time #1, we invented a second craft the following week with the help of my nanny. I printed out a few pages of colorful Easter eggs and fluffy clouds on my computer then we cut those out, along with some wavy "grass" pieces. We had the babies crayon up a few pieces of pastel paper then cut out more rabbit shapes from them. Then the kids basically glued things on in layers and we put 3D stickers on the eggs so they could place those wherever they wanted on their paper and the eggs would pop off the picture a little bit.

The final touch was white pom-poms for bunny tails! I was glad for the extra pair of hands to help me cut everything out since it took a little more time than I thought, but the quads also seemed to enjoy the creative process and love seeing their art taped to the back door.

Do you decorate for Easter? 

Hope you're gearing up for a lovely weekend! Tyke Bites is up next...
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  1. How fun for the kiddos! Your table looks so pretty, too. I always did all the seasonal decorating when I was raising my children and it does seem to be fun for them. Now I feel like you said, with it being something to put up, take down and then store. I decorate a lot but mostly use year-round things nowadays.

  2. They're so cute! I'm sure they had a blast doing these crafts. I always decorated for every occasion and it did create memories for my kids and grands. My daughter decorates beautifully for each occasion now and I kinda kick back and enjoy hers. I don't have the space to keep all that stuff anymore plus it sorta gives me claustrophobia since I'm in a much smaller space.

    I'll bet they will have a ball hunting Easter eggs! That was something I always loved...seeing the little one's delight in finding the eggs. I now fill the plastic eggs with good candy and hide them in my kid's homes while they're away. :)


  3. your entry is adorable! i found that bunny printable and it's on my list. i like that you put the burlap behind the bunnies. the quad projects came out great too!



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