Target $1 Easter Goodies & Carter's Haul!

I know Easter is still a ways off but sometimes when you see a good thing, you've just gotta grab it. I knew I wanted to put together some simple little bags of treats for the quads to give them during the holiday and when I spotted several perfect items in Target's $1 section, I snatched up some goodies. Here's what'll go into their Easter bags:

Um, how hilarious are those stick-on mustaches!?! I figured Harrison can wear the yellow one and the girls can take the other colors. I'm also excited for them to use their carrot-shaped chalk on the chalkboard in their play room since that's a favorite new activity they enjoy. And the flower headbands will be adorable on the girls, so cute. 

We're still trying to decide where and how we'll do an Easter egg hunt for the quads this year. It'll be their first and I'm pretty exited. I always have good memories of Easter as a kid and look forward to teaching them how to hunt for eggs and collect them in their baskets! I also realized I need to stock up on a few small decorations for our house so I can put them out each year moving forward, which means a trip to Hobby Lobby is in my future. I've been pinning ideas for wreaths onto my Easter board on Pinterest and plan to come up with some simple, rustic-inspired decor ideas for our entry way. Send me any good ideas if you see some!

But back to Target, they also had a bunch of cute odds and ends for a buck so I put together this little gift bag that'll be a perfect surprise for a friend of mine in a few weeks. :)

After getting an icy pedicure with my triplet momma friend on Sunday, I stopped by Carter's to check out their clearance racks and made out with some good buys. And yes, I realize the only thing in there for Harrison are some socks! But he's pretty set with all his clothes right now, its the girls that are outgrowing shoes and pants and trying to outfit three of them requires a bit more supply. ;)

I love the new tennis shoes I got for Kailey, $7!! She just moved into size 5 shoes and those are so her style. I'm much more into the hot pinks and coral-hued pinks than baby pinks and am always exited to find stuff in those colors. Like those coral pants. How adorbs are the teeny pockets on the butt?!

What fun finds have you discovered lately? And do you decorate for Easter?
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  1. Great finds! Never have any luck at the Target Dollar bins, and love Carters cute cute clothes for little ones.
    Not much decorating with all the kids grown, we have a Easter flag we hang and I will put out a few Easter Bunny figurines.


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