{Daily Pics} Reading & Watching + Video!

The babies are growing—not only are they getting taller and stronger, but they are becoming more independent, more active, more vocal! They are now literally watching our every move and intimating momma and daddy at every turn. It scares us almost as much as we love it! And they're taking in their surroundings with eyes wide open, eager to learn and try things for themselves. From flipping through thin magazine pages with impressive dexterity to all climbing into recliners together when their favorite show comes on, these sweet babies are keeping us on our toes!

And lest you think for a second that perhaps Kailey might not still be brazenly leading the pack, her wit and personality is enough to go around!

Have a great weekend!
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1 comment:

  1. Love Love Kailey's "I dont know!" her actions and expression are adorable..
    Cannot believe they are almost 2 years old,wow!!
    They are all so dang cute:)
    Thanks for sharing, hope your weekend is a relaxed one.


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