{Weekend Recap} Why I Love Friday Night, Beer & Shotguns

I'm always excited when Friday night rolls around because it means the husband is (usually) done with work for the week, I set aside any of my work projects (unless deadlines say otherwise) and we focus solely on our family and each other for the next two and a half days. I love spending time with the husband and always seeing him interact with my babies. It really is one of the sweetest things about becoming a parent—watching your husband become a father. And he's got three little girls that have him wrapped around their fingers and a son that cracks him up with his goofiness all the time. ;)

Friday night was a great way to get a little relaxing in. After the babies were in bed, we popped the top of a bottle of Cupcake wine and dug into a couple episodes of Homeland—our new TV addiction.

For Saturday, I'd planned a little surprise for the husband to celebrate a massive client project he'd just wrapped at work. (It's really a celebration that he's not working 12+ hour days then coming home and working from our dining room even more, until the wee hours of the morning! Poor guy!) I asked my nanny to come over at the end of lunch and we'd take off for lunch of our own and a movie. The surprise didn't quite make it all the way until Saturday, I sort of had to spill the beans Friday night, but either way he was excited for our date break!

The babies cooperated very well and our nanny was able to put them down for naps while we headed off to Chuy's for a bite of Mexican then stopped at a gas station for chocolate and arrived at the movie right on time. We saw Non-Stop with Liam Neeson and it was really good!

The rest of our afternoon was spent relaxing with the kiddos and doing some coloring at the quad table. I made skillet steak for dinner, which turned out really yummy (recipe coming soon!) and we drank some wine and watched more episodes of Homeland after the babies went to sleep for the night.

I've mentioned on here before but our babies will happily sleep in on the weekends. It's the weirdest yet best thing ever, it's not like the schedule is any different but it's like they know daddy is home and we're all relaxing and they tend to sleep almost a full hour later than normal. Which means our weekend mornings typically start around 9am. People are always shocked to hear this and we still put the quads to bed by 8pm the night before, as usual. Seriously, it's awesome!

Sunday morning I rearranged allllll the toys in the quad's play room and switched them out with fresh toys from bins in the upstairs closet. They get very excited to have toys back in their play area that they haven't seen in a couple weeks and I typically do this about once a week. I also move everything in their play room around for a new configuration just to change things up even more. It really seems to work well and they seem to enjoy the refurb! But I'm always drenched in sweat when I'm done, I know that's a cool detail to have. Hiking up and down our stairs with bin after bin of toys and bending over at the waist for 20 minutes straight digging cheerios out of the carpet is always a task.

My parents arrived after church to relieve us so the husband and I could head off to the gun range and celebrate a birthday with a friend. We ended up shooting 50 rounds of skeet, I took on the 12 gauge for the afternoon and was pretty proud of myself for actually hitting a couple as well as a double! It'd been years since I'd shot and I mainly just wanted to get comfortable with it again. Little did I know I'd end up with the biggest bruise ever on my arm. Ugh! It's really painful and definitely proof that my form needs a little improvement, jeez!

Needless to say, when we met up with everyone for beers and food I was self-medicating with some 22-ounce brewskies and making pretty short work of them. With my left arm. Because I seriously could barely lift my right - fail!

My parents had made dinner for the quads and they were eating when we got home. My mom had fixed an "old fashioned" meal with salmon croquets and Trystan—who is notorious for avoiding fish and any fruits and veggies, preferring to carb load it—was wolfing down the salmon and French style green beans. I was a proud momma. :)

While the babies finished eating, the husband and I took our dogs to the wooded area behind our backyard and threw the dummies for them and let them run through the creek. They love getting to go back there and I just wish it was more often, but it's hard to get to everything in a day at our house. No idea why!!

It really was a great weekend and I think I mentioned more than once to the husband that I felt "normal," like we'd gotten to do normal things such as running out for lunch and a movie and hanging out with friends without having to constantly check the clock. It's so important for us to get those sort of breaks and I'm so grateful we have the support we need to make it happen! We are certainly very blessed and don't take it for granted for a second.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Drop back by for my Easter decor and craft post, family visits, a new recipe post and more, coming up!
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  1. Michelle - New ZealandMarch 12, 2014

    That last photo is too cute!

  2. It amazes me how much you do work into a day. Having kids is hard, having 4 the same age would have to be REALLY hard. You all do a wonderful job!

    That bruise looks seriously painful, ouch!!!

  3. I had no idea you got dogs! How did I miss on that?:))

  4. Try some Arnica for your bruise (it helps with muscle soreness and bruising). I LIVE by the stuff because I bruise easy ;) Glad you had a great weekend!

  5. Your weekend recaps exhaust me, I am amazed on how much you accomplish:)
    That bruise looks bad,is there any way you can prevent that from happening like a smaller rifle next time you go shooting?
    Love the pic of the two kiddos on the window sill.
    Thanks for sharing your weeknd;)

    1. Bruise is still bad!! I need to work on my form and probably get a pad for the end of that shot gun - ouch!

  6. Holy cow. You can accomplish so much in one tiny weekend! Bravo! I, on the other hand, prefer to lay lazily on the couch with my H and do NOTHING. Oh the life without children (we're going to be trying in a year or so- trying to enjoy the newlywedness of it all)!!


    1. Well thank ya lady! I think sometimes it all sounds like more than it is, but then sometimes we go 90 miles an hour until I pass out from exhaustion. But don't worry - we have those nights after babies go to bed that we lay on the couch without moving and watch a couple hours of TV!

  7. Just found your blog from your mom's blog and it is so much fun to see what your family is up to! Your babies are adorable! After reading this post, I just had to comment and tell you that it is so great that you and your husband continue to make time for each other and you show him how important he is to you. Amazing. Really, with four toddlers, you could justify completely taking a pass and only doing what has to be done with no time for anything special. In addition to everything else you do for your children, they get to have parents that care so much for each other, too. How wonderful. Keep it up.

    1. What a nice comment from you! So glad you've found the blog and I truly appreciate your encouraging words. Thank you!

  8. I totally agree with what Miss Dishywoo said. It's so important for you two to make time for each other as well as be out with friends. I'm so glad you have the support too! Photos are great ~



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