{Tyke Bites} Lemon Orzo Chicken Soup & More!

Here's a day of meals from this week in Quadville!

The quads love breakfast sausage and get it about once or twice a week, since a one-pound case now only gets us through one meal! This particular morning they had that paired with buttered blueberry biscuits, raisins, clementines and diced apples as well as honey orange-flavored Greek yogurt. My kids gobble down the Greek Gods brand of yogurt (their favorite flavor is honey strawberry), which also has the highest fat and protein content of most other yogurts I've checked. Good news for my skinny babies.

For lunch, I used an apple corer to punch out mini PB and honey sandwiches—I always use local honey for natural antihistamines to help stave off allergies. They can't have sandwiches without their beloved all-natural white cheddar Cheetoh puffs! Also served were fresh blueberries and grapes and a couple Smarties candies for dessert.

Snack time wasn't very inspired. I went with a quick and easy sweet and salty combo of pretzel goldfish and frosted animal cookies. Though the babies mostly drink milk with meals and water in between, sometimes I give them caffeine-free herbal tea (either unsweetened or with honey or Truvia) or watered down juice. I recently discovered an organic cranberry-blueberry juice blend that's really good, so I fill a community cup with half water-half juice for their afternoon beverage.

The photo of dinner was blurry (hungry hands were reaching!), but it was a delicious lemon orzo chicken soup recipe I found in an insert booklet in my latest Rachael Ray magazine. Anytime I make soup, I just strain out the good stuff for the quad's plates. We added blackberries and cheese for a very filling and very successful meal!

What's your favorite soup recipe?
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  1. The Greek God's Greek yogurt is MY favorite too. I recently found salted caramel and it was really tasty. One of our ECI therapists suggested adding Nido to Mason and Sydney's milk as a supplement since they are below the curve on growth charts. I haven't noticed a growth spurt yet, but I'm adding it to their milk daily. It's in the Mexican food section because it's Nestle's version of toddler formula, but it uses whole milk!
    I'd love to try your orzo chicken soup recipe. It looks yummy!


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