Not a long post tonight since I've had a busy day and am off to Dreamland soon. But I wanted to share some mouthwateringly delicious recipes that just had to be mentioned!

This is a site I've recently started following and it's adorable, check out the creative cupcakes!

And, always being a fan of Rachael Ray, I'll be making this dish tomorrow:

Also, I'd love to increase my number of followers so if you're out there and you're reading my blog, let me know and join the ranks! Or leave me a comment and a link to your blog if you have one so I can expand my reading list.. I love keeping up with everyone in the blog community.

Peace and good food friends!

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  1. Glad you found bakerella!!! I have been using her ideas for a long time and everyone loves them! I sport my t shirt and people stop me and want one too!


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