Ninja Cat

This weekend has been mostly quiet, hanging out at our flat and spending a couple hours at Steve's yesterday with some adult beverages. Mike and I have been catching up on our 24 episodes, we're nearly through season 4 and keep hearing that season 7 was one of the best yet. We've been hearing about the show, Dexter, and might have to check it out after 24. I have also watched both seasons of True Blood over the past few months and have to admit that I'm pretty hooked now and will likely tune in for season 3. But I don't think I'll be watching any other vampire series, modern day TV has gotten pretty vamped out as it is and there's more vampire movies in the making!

If you're living abroad like we are, it's helpful to have internet sites that stream all your favorite shows from back home. Friends and The Simpsons are really popular over here--we even watched The Simpsons in French while in Paris--but many Americans movies and shows either aren't available or don't make it over until much later. We use both of these sites regularly: tvduck.com and free-tv-video-online.info. The first one is best for television shows and the second one is great for movies. It makes it easy to catch up on your favorite series on your own time, and without commericals!

What are some of your favorite TV shows? Do you have any go-to websites for streaming TV or movies?

Mike and I caught an episode of Rude Tube on TV this weekend, it's like Scotland's version of America's Funniest Videos. I do love my kitties and I laughed so hard when I saw this video of the "Ninja Cat" since mine do this to me all the time!

Ninja cat approaches

Freddy Four Fingerz

MySpace Video

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  1. Our VERY favorite TV series is NCIS!! Love, Love, LOVE it!!! ALso love how you do your blog! Stays interesting! Sure hope you continue to blog after you return home in August!


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