Shop Talk: Winter's Best

Because everything's pretty quiet this week and I've bored you all enough with my constant reminders, lists and photos about our trip to Texas next month, I thought I'd break from the norm and do a more fashion-related post. No, no, no, I don't intend to start a fashion blog or anything like that, but I figured a little variety couldn't hurt. I'm not the most fashion-savvy person on the planet, mind you, but I do feel like I have my own style and I do like to keep a couple key things in my closet that are on trend.

I'd been wanting a white winter jacket but had held off on purchasing one because I didn't want to pay full price and I am also really picky when it comes to coats and winter wear. Lo and behold, don't ya know that you always find something when you're not really looking for it. I stumbled upon a rack with just a few of these white beauties left and on sale for £10!! I love the zipper cross-over and buckle detail on the wrists.

Shoe booties are all the rage these days and I'd thought about getting a pair for awhile now but didn't feel any urgency to find some. Again, I wasn't even looking when I decided to check out a store I'd never been into, Quiz, and saw a whole section of shoes on sale. The black booties were £14.99! The blue snake-skin heels are one of the few pairs of close-toed shoes I've found recently that I actually like and that are comfortable (see my recent post mentioning my dislike for close-toed pumps!). I paid £12 for those and £1 each for the earrings, bracelet and head band. Everything came from Primark except the pumps, which I suprisingly found at Asda/Walmart.

These skinny gray (yes, gray! I am branching out!) jeans were only £8 at Primark and I love them. I also have a pair in black. Add to the list my actual blue blue jeans and my favorite pair of Elle white jeans from Kohl's and I've got a good range of color. So proud of myself!

I steer clear of wearing major studded accessories or punk-looking tops with the skinny jeans 'cuz I don't really care for the emo/punk/rocker/grunge thing going on over here in the UK. I like the skinny jeans for their fashion-savvy look, leg slimming and lengthening effect and their ability to show off any fabulous heels I may be wearing, ha. Sadly that isn't too often at the moment, since we have to walk everywhere we are going--easily 1 to 2 miles--and it's rainy, snowy or freezing outside. I've been sporting flat-footed boots just about every day right now, but at least they are comfy!

Lastly, I found these cool sporty-looking ski goggles at the new sports store on Union Street, and they were marked down to £14.99! I got Mike a pair in black.

We were both in need of some pronto since we are headed to the slopes tomorrow! I also have a new winter/ski jacket last week, it's a really dark plum purple and comes with a detachable fleece on the inside, which keeps me super warm. It was originally £85 and marked down to £35, steal! I don't have any pics of that right now but I'm sure we'll get some while skiing tomorrow. But I seriously doubt we'll be skiing in kilts....


  1. COOL clothes!!!

  2. i love that jacket :) lately I've been obsessed with jackets and sweater jackets...probably because it is so cold here!


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