Mom's Blogging!

I wanted to share my mom's brand new (and first ever!) blog with everyone, I helped her choose and install a design yesterday and it's such a cute site. My mom has kept a journal every year for as long as I can remember, and as a teen I used to love going back through them and reading about my childhood and looking at pictures or mementos she'd stapled to the pages.

Her blog, Linda's Life Journal, is a sort of continuation of her pen-to-paper method. I know that all my creative inclinations and love of reading and writing certainly comes from her! I think it's very admirable that she's mastered so many facets of technology, we keep in touch on a daily basis through Facebook and email and occasionally chat on Skype and she's been a devoted reader of my own blog since Day One! Thank God for moms, they sure make life wonderful, don't they?

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  1. Thanks for the 'publicity'!! I have always been a huge READER...just never thought about writing! YOU have inspired ME! Your blog has just been so much fun for everyone and has been a way of sharing your experiences so we all get a little taste of Scotland and feel like we have joined you and Mike on your adventures! That's why I hope you continue to blog...we are all addicted!!


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