My Recipes: Texas Throwback

I love baked BBQ chicken, its full of taste and a great Texas kinda meal. I made it the other night for dinner along with red kidney beans mixed with hot sauce and jalapenos and Jiffy cornbread. (The cornbread was the last of our stash that my mom mailed from the U.S., just what we needed!) The BBQ chicken is sooo easy to make, I recommend it for a fast no-hassle dish when you need one. I place 2-4 chicken breasts on a baking sheet then cover liberally with my HEB Chicken Fajita seasoning--it's a favorite of mine and I brought several bottles with me to Scotland, but any fajita seasoning should do the trick. Coat with a thick layer of your favorite BBQ sauce, which keeps the chicken moist while it bakes and packs in the flavor. Stick the chicken in the oven at about 425 for 15-20 minutes. When you cut into it and there's no pink in the middle, it's done. Easy and delicious!

We've also been enjoying Bordeaux wines lately, not only does France have exceptionally good wine (we can confirm this after our trip to Paris!) but their Bordeauxs are just delicious. One of my favorite snacks/light meals these days is a good bottle of red and assorted crackers, cheese, meats and marinaded garlic cloves. Easy to share and tasty to eat!!


  1. Tell us how to do the garlic cloves...I bougght a Texas size container of peeled garlic just for this purpose!

  2. Easy peesy! In a small microwavable bowl, toss a bit of olive oil over desired amount of gloves then sprinkle with ground sea salt, cracked black pepper and a small amount of spicy seasoning like cajun. Toss well and microwave for 10-20 seconds.


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