Creativity Strikes Again

Good news! I've received a bucketload of editorial assignments from a local wedding magazine and can't wait to get started. The hitch is that the deadline falls during our trip home to Texas, which means I'll need to get them wrapped up before we leave. The second hitch is that I've got more assignments coming in soon from other mags. The third hitch is that I'm running out of time as I write this! And the fourth is that I've still got my part-time job as marketing coordinator and I'll be putting in extra hours before our trip as well. But back to the good news, which is I'm going to be busy as a bee and doing something I love. :)

So you might not see too awful much of me on the blog for the next week or so. If we do anything exciting, I promise to make at least a quick post... like our dinner this Saturday with the husband's company. That should be interesting and hopefully I'll get some pics of guys in kilts.

But in the vein of all that's creative (and to give you something to read while I fire up my speedy writing streak), one of the adorable blogs I follow, Kevin and Amanda, posted this adorable interior design web site that's sure to inspire desire among any interior savvy folks. And if you're not so savvy like me, well, the pictures are just plain pretty to look at! You can click on the labels menu to the right and select color schemes, rooms and more and TA-DAH, an entire list of beautiful picture-perfect photos appear.

The icing on the cake? The Inspiration for Decoration blog author also has a new food blog with mouthwatering snapshots and temptational recipes. Enjoy!

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