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On the sidebar to the left of my blog (if you're reading this on Facebook, visit my blog site at bellsandkilts.blogspot.com) I keep an updated image of the current book I'm reading. And I just uploaded a picture of my third book by Robet Ludlum. I'm completely addicted to his Covert-One book series! I discovered them shortly after joining the Ferryhill Community Library in our neighborhood. Whenever I pick out new books to read (which is about every 2 weeks), it's almost always completely at random and the winning decision is usually based on a combination of the book title and the book synopsis on the inside flap. I can't remember the last time I got hooked on a specific writer or series other than, of course, Stephanie Meyer's Twilight phenomenon.

Anyway, I was browsing the pretty limited book selection (it's a small library) and my eye caught on The Bourne Ultimatum. I did not even realize those movies were taken from books! Ha. So I started sifting through the other titles and discovered Ludlum had created a similar-type spy/adventure/action series based on a team named Covert-One led by Jon Smith. I'm now about to dive into my third book and am loving them! It's truly like "reading" an action movie. There's a ton of the books and it's a great non-stop action series I can really get into, the writing is fantastic and the plot lines woven thick. Here's the ones I've read plus the newest one I just picked up:

I've noticed a lot of my favorite blog authors posting 7 random facts about themselves so thought I'd follow suit, for your entertainment.

1. Whenever I have a plate of food containing several different items, I have to eat them in "equal portions" meaning one bite of each, around the plate, until they're all gone. For instance, it would bother me to have a mound of mashed potatoes left but to have eaten all the chicken first. I know, it's wierd.

2. I have swam with dolphins and Beluga whales at SeaWorld in San Antonio when I spent a few weeks working there years ago as a synchronized swimmer.

3. I don't like my glass to be half or nearly empty, and I mean this in the literal sense. Tea, Diet Coke, water, beer, whatever... I want it to always be full! Everything gets flat or lukewarm once it gets past the halfway mark. So I generally tend to refill as soon as possible.

4. I have kept nearly every movie ticket stub from films Mike and I have seen together since we very first began dating.

5. Grocery shopping is something I thoroughly enjoy and I prefer to do it by myself. I can easily make a trip last two hours, walking down every aisle, reading labels and planning meals.

6. I detest wearing close-toed shoes. It's been a HUGE adjustment since we moved to Scotland and it's too cold outside for that. Luckily, I've found some boots and one pair of heels that I can stand.

7. Chick flicks and chick-lit aren't for me. As you can tell by my choice of books, I love movies and tomes full of action, death and violence.

Have you discovered any new authors or favorite books? If so, what are they? Do you have any books you would recommend for me?

And feel free to list 7 random facts about yourself... I'd love to read them!


  1. I love reading yor blog and am glad to see you doing more of it! I will try the pork recipe soon...

    7 Random Things About Me

    1. I, too, prefer my glass to stay FULL!!
    2. I still have to control biting my nails.
    3. I enjoy learning something new everyday if possible!
    4. I read EVERY day!
    5. I prefer movies with happy endings!
    6. I am very interested in what our dreams mean...they must mean soomething or why would we dream them?
    7. I am very shy...

  2. Enjoyed reading those! And you would never know you are shy, Mom, haha!

  3. I'm so glad you are posting your recipes! Now maybe I'll start cooking...or not. :)

    and I detest the grocery store! Seriously.


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