Pimp, er, Print My Blog

I just discovered one of the niftiest little tools and had to share real quick. I'd been wondering how I'd keep the blog posts I've made about our life across the pond as keepsakes whenever we move back to the US. This answers it: Blog2Print.

It lets you select which posts you'd like to print, along with comments and pictures of your choosing, and turns it into a professionally printed book! You can even upload specific photos for the cover and add a dedication at the beginning. I think this tool is really handy for many in the blog community, so I wanted to share -- you can create memorable souvenirs about recipe posts, chronicling about kiddos, trips, interior design, fashion blogs and more. Let me know if you have found a similiar program or have used this one before since I have not yet tried it. And get blogging!

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  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing! This is especially good because Louis Dean and I are both blogging now! He is doing his memoirs and I am doing a journal. He was wondering how to 'preserve' his memories! Now we know!


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