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Well, I wish this post would be about the ski trip we took yesterday but no such luck. The ski centre was really busy and the odds of us making it out there safely and them having enough spare equipment to rent were pretty slim. So we're considering booking in advance and going skiing all day Saturday... Mike's birthday is Monday so that'd be a pretty good way to celebrate! (He's got the Play Station 3, controllers and games I bought him waiting on him at his parents house in Texas as his official bday gift!)

Instead we took it pretty easy. I had woken up early to call the ski centre so since we were awake, Mike cooked this huge breakfast, then we ate and went back to sleep until 1pm!! Bliss. I swear sleeping in is one of our favorite things to do on the weekend. Terri called about that time to see if we wanted to hang out so we jumped out of bed, got ready, picked her up and made it to the movies just a few minutes after It's Complicated started. What a good film. I'm not much of a chick flick-goer... I prefer action, death and violence. But this movie had a few good laughs and was certainly a feel-good reel that went perfectly with the sunny day we were having. Unfortunately, when we got out of the movie at 4:30, the sun was almost set. But that's actually good news, since it's been setting as early as 3:45. This means we are slowly but surely getting our daylight back! I can't wait until spring and summer when the sun is only down for a few hours instead. I could use some natural Vitamin D versus the tanning bed, but I do not feel bad for fake baking over here. I had finally quit using tanning beds last winter (2008) but decided with the lack of rays in Scotland's winter, I would allow myself the indulgence. Tanning and pedicures would be my two pampering items of choice, I love the smell of tanning lotion and I love getting pretty feet!

Today has been a bit gloomy for me, not much sun out and I woke up at 3:45am with a headache. I honestly don't know if that's ever happened to me before. It turned into a bit of a migraine but caffeine and Advil seemed to have kept it at bay the rest of the afternoon. The gray skies and cold wind certainly don't help cheer a person up! I was even so out of it when I got home... I had prepared a pork loin and browned and marinaded the dang thing then put it in the oven thinking it would take only 35 MINUTES (not the true 2.5 hours!!) to cook. When I realized I'd randomly and totally misjudged my cooking time, I was too tired to even think about cooking anything else so I settled for crackers, cheese and a cup of soup. At least dinner will be easy tomorrow! By the way, I do not like the soups they have at the grocery stores here. The broth is always so wierd and goopy and they don't seem to have regular American chicken noodle or chicken and rice, my Campbell favorites!! I used to eat that stuff by the gallon when I was little. So if anyone reading this wants to send us a package, send me those little Cup O' Soup packets please!!! They are good and easy to mail and I could use a bunch for all this cold weather.

Speaking of all things good and American, we are eagerly counting down the remaining weeks to our trip home in February. It simply can't come soon enough. I think when Scotland's weather warms up some and the sun is out more, we'll have a fantastic time making the most of our last six months abroad. But until then, we could definitely use a dose of home. It's pretty easy now to name the things we are most looking forward to, I'm sure I've done that a million times in this blog so this time I'll post pictures!!!

Some of our Texas favorites we can't wait to enjoy again:


  1. The pics are a clever touch! Hang in there! You will be home soon!!

  2. I bet your puppies will be so happy to see you. (And I don't blame you for tanning, I get so cranky without the sun!)

  3. I can't wait until our puppy dog reunion! I'm sure they will be confused when we leave again. Sometimes they hear us through the windows at Mike's parent's house when we are talking on Skype. Shiner gets upset, probably because he thinks we're sitting inside and not coming out to play. :(

    And yes, I couldn't live without some color on my skin and some rays to soak up!


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