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As promised, I wanted to include a post about the Dinner Dance at the Ardoe House Hotel last night, what fun! Mike had thought about hiring (renting) a kilt but decided he'll wait to do that when we go to a Scottish wedding in July. So he went with a suit and tie, very dashing and handsome as always. It was fun to get dressed up and wear heels! I have not worn heels in about seven months, it's nearly impossible to get around on them in the winter with all the snow, and if it's not snow it's the walking required. Luckily all I had to worry about was getting a little snow in my shoes between our flat door to the taxi.

The Dinner Dance is an annual event hosted by the Woodgroup and the Ardoe House Hotel & Spa—a four-star Victorian 19th century mansion, inspired by the Balmoral Castle—was a beautiful choice of venue. It's hidden away in a densely wooded area of the countryside, not far from Aberdeen's city centre, with a stately curving driveway and tall rectangular windows golden-lit in the night. It looked more like a small castle, spires announcing its rich and storied past and tartan-patterened decor inside, a roaring fireplace and weathered wooden bars—giving away the slightest hint at its age.


The ballroom for the main event was very elegant, decked in dark purple linens and a Celtic-inspired theme that included centerpieces of rustic foliage and four pillar candles each, and even two Medieval suits of armor set by the stage. The band was great too, their first song was "Brown Eyed Girl" and later they busted out a little country with Shania Twain!! It was so cool to two-step after we had watched a bagpipe band perform some amazing music beforehand, kilts and all. Speaking of kilts, we spent a good bit of time sipping our wine and people watching on the dance floor. I can honestly say there's nothing more entertaining than watching a middle aged man in his full kilt get-up boogie dancing to the Black Eyed Peas.

I'd mentioned several times I was afraid haggis would play a large role in the dinner, but was relieved that the only appearance it made was in the form of fried haggis balls served alongside a variety of hors d'oeuvres during the opening reception. The main course included a steak (which actually was braised and closer to brisket but still very good) and a variety of vegetables, apparently also referred to as rumble thumps a la the menu provided on the table. Trust me, we were expecting something much different than carrots, squash and potatoes! 

The whole evening was a really good time and I'm glad we went, I was able to meet many of the people Mike's been working with and I spent some time hearing about a fellow exchangee who spent last year in Houston. He loved Texas! 12 days and counting till we land in the Lone Star State....


  1. Sounds like you both had a wonderful evening, and I enjoyed reading your post.

    Since Mike is planning to hire a kilt for a wedding, he may be interested in visiting my web site, for some independent advice on kilts and their accessories.

    If so, the address is http://www.your-kilt.com

    Kind Regards,


  2. Rumble thumps....I love that!!

  3. Thank you, David, we will check our your site!

    Mom- isn't that so funny? After reading it on the menu, we couldn't wait to find out what that was and were relieved it was "edible."


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