Sneaky Donut Escapade

Sometimes when you're on bed rest, you get the urge to sneak off and do random things. And then you get busted for them. The husband came home from work today and we were sitting in my office/guest room talking. He remembered I was waiting on an order of baby clothes to arrive and we had suspected it might be stuffed in the mailbox (the group mailbox kind that's on a particular street in the neighborhood). The following conversation ensued:

Him- "Yeah, I should go check the mail for you real quick and see if it's in there."

Me- "I already did that this morning and yes it was, along with the Donkey Kong Wii game we were waiting on."

*a resounding pause as he raises his eyebrows suspiciously*

Him- "Cool. So did you go anywhere else today if you were out checking the mail?"

*I get a big Cheshire grin and an I'm-so-busted face*

Me- "Um, I may have driven to Shipley's down the street."

Him- "What?! You are so busted! That's really random, you never go to Shipley's. What did you get?"

Me- "Two chocolate cake donuts and a kolache. I ate it all."

And I felt like Batman the whole time, sneaking out of the house and speeding down a quiet neighborhood lane in my black Avalanche to get to the donut shop. I could practically hear the super hero music playing in the background. It was a thrilling moment—all I was missing was a cape that read "Bed Rest Evader."


  1. Adorable!!!!! I will be there soon to fetch and carry!!!

  2. You crack me up!
    Be good batman, your supposed to be resting
    I understand though, pregnancy cravings can make you go to unbelievable measures.
    Glad you got your goodies :)

  3. Hilarious! Robin needs to tie Batman to a chair. Glad you got those donuts safely.
    There's no getting between a pregnant woman and her dononuts.LOL

  4. I love that! Hilarious!!!!


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