{Quad Squad} 17 & 18 weeks

Oh gosh, you probably clicked on this blog post link just to see me half naked, huh? I kid, I kid... it is just my stomach and I don't know why I've avoided showing it thus far. I guess I feel like it's so cliche, pregnant women bearing their rounded abs for proof of growing pregnancy. It's all about the bump, right!?

But I'm also a stickler for moving in chronological order so you have to start with my 17 week picture first. At 17 weeks, I started growing rapidly again and by 18 weeks there was a definite size gain. It's happening more frequently now. For those of you who are sweet to comment on Facebook, my blog and in real life that I don't really look all that big for someone preggers with quadruplets, well, you may have to start changing your tune. I'm pretty much nearly the size I'd normally be if I was full-term, 40 weeks pregnant with a single baby. And I've got roughly two to three months left to go. That's a lot of growin' left to do, y'all!

Although then again, I'd be perfectly fine with you continuing to tell me I'm not as big as the side of your grandma's barn (wait, your grandma has a barn?). I guess I'm just trying to prepare everyone—and myself—for the eventual reality that size might truly become an issue. This pregnancy certainly defies the norm and I find motivation and inspiration through all the women who have done it before and the few (two) I know who are currently in it with me! I've come across two other gals near the Houston area that are also pregnant with quadruplets and are four to six weeks ahead of myself. We three are the only ones we know of in Texas currently expecting quads.

Oh yes, but on to photos....

And yet bigger (probably wearing my quad shirt for the last time, *sniff*)...

Just for fun...

Ta-dah! The exposed stomach!

Was it everything you were hoping for? I'd hate to disappoint, ha. No stretch marks yet, but trust me my friends, they'll be on the way before long. And for some reason the sideways photo makes me look smaller than I am—probably because I hiked my pants up, all worried about modesty and what not. You'd think I'd gotten used to baring, um, things a little bit with all our doctor appointments, ultrasounds and scans. 

At 18 weeks, I'm developing a bigger appetite. It's still nothing consistent but when I'm hungry, I eat. As much as I can handle. Then I take up the corpse pose in our recliner until there's room in my stomach to move again. Or one of the four babies has stomped the food in my stomach into submission. I've also discovered I can't take a full deep breath anymore, my lungs actually stop inhaling for lack of space. Interesting, huh? Or not, I don't know. Sometimes these small findings are truly the thoughts that entertain my mind that day. Others aren't as appealing, like the realization that none of my pants fit anymore and I've resorted to mostly sweat pants and stretchy pants. My mom helped me pack up all the pants in my closet into a sad cardboard box and replace them with drawers of maternity bottoms and spandex-like accommodations. Not that I get out much anymore to impress the masses with my stylish maternity threads.

And there you have it! We're cruising through the next two weeks, excitedly anticipating arriving in "the twenties" and getting ever-closer to that all important first goal of 24 weeks. This will be the quadruplets' first point of viability and I believe it's a 25% chance of survival with a 40% chance of premature complications from cerebral palsy to issues with the heart. Every week after that improves their chances and we hope I can make it to 28 or 30 weeks. The more weight they can gain and the more their lungs can develop will certainly aid their efforts to survive once born. The husband and I pray for this each and every day, and I'm trying very hard to observe my modified bed rest as much as I can. My body is working overtime to get our one boy and three girls ready to meet the world!


  1. You look awesome!! So stylish, my kinda girl! :)

  2. You look fabulous!! You always have and you always will. I love that you have kept your sense of humor.....and of course your strong faith.

    LOVE the belly shots!!!

  3. Your aglow and all those little things like breathing, those details are why your blog is unique! In 1975 when I was having my first baby, I had my husband take a picture of my bare belly and the film lab wouldn't develope it.LOL said it was pornography. so we have come a LONG way baby! Yours looks beautiful! Luann

  4. I truly think you look beautiful. Every single pound you put in is just helping those babies!!!

  5. Just recently came across your blog now check it everyday to see how you and the babies are doing, you look beautiful.Praying that you go to 28 weeks.
    Oh your Mom seems beyond thrilled, and such a wonderful help.

  6. I love your growing belly! But you still look fantastic!!

  7. You can add me to that list, we are in central tx and expecting quads also! Good luck with your pregnancy, you look great!

    1. Hi there! Do you have a blog or anything? Would love to keep up with how things are going! And good luck to you as well.

    2. Hey!! No blog, but email! I would like to keep in touch with you too! ashley3642@gmail.com all the othe quad moms I have talked to have had their babies years ago, it's going to be neat to have some one also prego to talk to!! Look forward to hearing from ya!

  8. Amber,you have one AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly and a very NICE bellybutton I might add!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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