{Quad Squad} The Parties!

You can't have babies without a party. Or at least we can't. The husband and I absolutely love hanging out with our family and friends, enjoying a cold drink (even if I have to settle for non-alcoholic) and catching up with everyone. Which is exactly what we wanted when it came time for our baby showers quad parties. You may or may not recall my proclamation on this here blog that I don't do pastel-colored, baby game-playing, cutesy showers. And I don't do a lot of pink. Soooo it was to our great delight when our friends and family all jumped in and put together some pretty amazing parties that were just our style! 

Originally they were all scheduled for this month, to boot, but when my doc got wind of our plan he quickly shut it down—with good intentions, of course. He knew very well I'd be on bed rest by this time, which I am, so he advised us to move 'em up to February or have 'em in the hospital! Well, I'm not the hospital celebrating type either, so we called our parents, told them the news and within that same day they'd rescheduled everything for the end of February and swooped into action to get it done. Awesome! It never ceases to amaze us how incredible, supportive and positive all these folks have been throughout our quad pregnancy so far—we really couldn't have done all this, be as prepared as we are or feel the massive amounts of love if it wasn't for each and every one of them.

The first shindig took place at my mom's house and had a nice country theme to it, complete with boots full of flowers, one helluva cake, hay bales, home cooked brisket courtesy of my step-dad and more. A lot of our close friends from the DFW-area were able to attend as well as all of my family, and we had an absolute blast.

Party number two took place at a home of friends of ours who were gracious enough to host quite the crowd for the four leaf clover-themed bash—which aptly represented our quad squad! There was also an entire group of ladies, all close friends with my mother-in-law, who were in charge of putting the celebration together as well. It was so thoughtful, complete with delicious coconut-topped cupcakes, pots o' gold for favors and perfectly orchestrated decorations... none of which were pastel colored, thus right up my alley. We got an incredible amount of gifts and were able to mingle with a lot of people we hadn't seen in awhile, all of who had been following along our journey so far and sparing many prayers for us and the babies. So touching! You can also see below that my husband took an immediate liking to the duck towels from his mom. I've since dubbed him in charge of bath time, since it seemed to be a natural fit. ;)

Our final party took place at our own home, since it occurred the first weekend of March and was creeping over into my ordered bed rest. My mom, sister and a few close friends were responsible for putting together the Texas-themed shindig that perfectly capped off our string of quad parties. I was able to sit in our recliner for most of the event, occasionally getting up to stretch my legs and greet guests. Everyone loved the super cute preemie-sized onesies my sister helped me assemble that looked sort of like jerseys for our little quadlets. Our marble cake was so good and came with four little hearts on top of the state of Texas to represent our four kiddos and a close buddy of ours graciously provided and fried all the chicken that was served for dinner. Did it right on our back patio in his own custom fryer! It was completely amazing and incredibly delicious. My mom made a "Quadfather" sign that hung on that patio as well, and we served drinks in mason jars and the guys were all provided cigars that they enjoyed late-night around the outdoor heater. (The husband also found another duck towel among the gifts!)

We had an awesome time at each of our parties and thank everyone involved from the bottoms of our hearts for such special occasions. They will be remembered for a long time to come!


  1. What a wonderful support system you all have had! All 3 look like amazing celebrations. Glad you enjoyed!!!

    Hope your doing well. Keep a resting girlie!

  2. Had a wonderful time that evening. Thanks for including us old farts.


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