{Quad Squad} Babies' Room Reveal!

At long last—well it seems long, because we've been working on it forever—the quad squad room is ready. I wanted it done before I get admitted to the hospital, and since that's on a week-by-week basis, it was really looming over my head. What if I get admitted all the sudden, and everything isn't finished? Although I do realize that not everything is going to be in perfect order by the time I go in, nor will it ever be as organized as it all is now! With four kiddos on the way, our house is sure to be plunged into sweet and utter chaos for the rest of our lives. I can't wait... I think.

In the meantime, with my mom's incredible energetic help, all the baby clothes have been washed, sorted by size, sorted by gender and either put away or stored in labeled tubs until they get to the appropriate age and we can switch out threads. Toys have been tossed into bins, blankets washed and neatly folded, crib mobiles assembled and attached and diapers stacked and stacked and stacked in the closet. (My friend with triplets goes through roughly 576 diapers every two weeks... imagine what we'll be burning through with four!)

So many generous folks have kindly donated gently used baby clothes for the quads, knowing how hard it is to keep one baby clean-clothed, let alone four. Many of those folks had girls and many of them didn't have the issues I do with pink—and now I've got three girls of my own!! You can see where this is going! I am so incredibly grateful for all the goodies and boy, I sure do have enough of that rosy little hue to tide me over for a long time... including enough baby girl clothes to clad our trio of gals until they are 12 months! I did buy four light pink shirts that I customized with some iron-ons recently, but I'm determined to get creative in the color category as much as possible. Plus, my mom keeps reminding me that when I was little, my favorite colors were pink, purple, gold and silver. Oh, how times have changed, ha!

Wanna see how the babies room turned out? It's pretty nice and came together well. I left a lot of the beach-inspired pieces in there from when it was formerly the guest room and just focused on selecting coordinating colors versus trying to achieve a real theme. For now we have two cribs and plan to put two little pea pods to a crib for the first six to nine months. They are used to crowded quarters anyway!

I can rest assured that the quads can come home to a completely completed room. 

*Sigh of contentment*

Now if only our new baker's rack would arrive so we could put away the 60-something bottles, bottle nipples and drying racks we've accumulated. I really need to have that done before I get admitted!

Juuuust kidding. Maybe.



  1. The nursery is beautiful! I love it! Seems very relaxing and peaceful. You are taking this all in stride, especially the pink part.

  2. your Mom is a dynamo for sure...so happy everything is going together so well for you...

  3. You did a wonderful job on the nursery. It's beautiful!!!

  4. Love the green as I told your mom. One of my favorite colors. Nursery looks great.
    Remember keep an open mind on pink.. LOL But turquoise is a great boy or girl color so is green. ;o)


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