{Quad Squad} 21.5 Week Update

Today's anatomy scan appointment was the best one of the bunch so far! It all went very smoothly and they took measurements and weighed each baby. They all measured in the 40-50 percentile range for average growth and development at this stage—a great percentage that we'll happily take with quadruplets!—and they had all gained half a pound or more.

Current weights at 21.5 weeks:
Baby A - 15 oz.
Baby B - 14 oz.
Baby C (boy) - 1 lb. 2 oz.
Baby D - 15 oz.

As you can see, Little Man has to outdo his sisters already! We are very pleased with their current weights and development and look forward to getting another update three weeks from now. Until then, I'll try to dutifully down my two Ensure every day (blech!) and keep eating as much as I can possibly squeeze in. Meals and frequent snacks are all still tricky since I often still feel so full or just have so much pressure and stretching in my stomach.

The even better news is that my cervix is still completely closed—meaning my body is showing no indications of trying to force labor on itself, basically—and even lengthened from 4.4 cm to just over 5 cm. Granted, this can so quickly change and go in reverse but I'll take longer versus shorter any day!

And for the highlight of this post, we got some great 4D photos—including some beautiful little profile shots of a couple of the babies that would cooperate and face the right way. Love it! They are little people in there already. :)

Stay tuned for my 22 week photo, new belly pics and a 22 week update later this week!


  1. It was an amazing day!!! Love those baby pics!

  2. Oh my goodness you can see so much! Great pictures. They are still so tiny, yet their own little persons. Thanks for the update.

  3. Such little blessings ...so perfect in every way. It is so exciting to see your progress!

  4. Love the pics, they are so cute already!!2 things of ensure...yuck, but worth it when looking at those babies!

  5. Technology isn't it great. Glad to hear no hospital yet!

  6. I am a a blog adict of quads for many years now , keep up the good work .

  7. Oh wow, those pics are amazing!!! I LOVE THEM :)
    My hubby keeps asking how you hold 4 babies in your belly LOL. I'm sure you wonder the same thing daily.
    Glad your appointment went well. I'm so happy for you girlie!

  8. I love those pictures! Those are something you'll always cherish for sure. I am so glad to hear they are all growing nicely in there :) Keep up the good work! ;)

  9. Amazing! I'm so happy your cervix is so good too!


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