{Quad Squad} Work in Progress

I can finally say that the babies' room is taking shape. We have both cribs set up now and in the right places, though the rest of the furniture still needs to be moved around and bins need to be organized and stored and decorations to be finished. (We'll be putting two little babies to a crib for the first 9-12 months. After that, we need a bigger house, stat.)

My mom has been a champion at washing and organizing all the baby clothes and toys we've received over the past two months, and I've been in awe of everyone's support, generosity and willingness to help! Our quadlets are going to be very appreciative kiddos. ;)

Today's mundane routine—which is sleeping, working from my laptop in the recliner and drinking gallons of water, if you must know—was pleasantly broken up by a good friend's visit. Which also involved a hamburger and fries. And a baby gift. And lots of well-enjoyed conversation with another human being. I had a great time getting to hang out with someone and was so touched she thought to drive all the way out to my place and see me! C's also got a great blog, which you can read here.

Things are trucking along smoothly at home, other than the occasional spaz-out I want to have over being inside/seated/reclined/laid out so much and not able to do the 456,834,012 other things I feel like I could be doing. But then I know I can't, because I have four babies and myself to take care of and it will all be worth it in the end.

There was, however, a monumental occurrence just moments ago: I felt my first baby kick. Or fist bump. I've felt them squirming a little bit before but nothing that you could really feel on the "other side" when placing your hand on my stomach. But right underneath my belly button something jabbed and actually moved my hand a bit. Whoa nelly, what happens when they all four decide to party rock at the same time? Not a lot of room for antics!

Just looking at these photos reminds me of that and how fast I'm growing. Jeez, my stomach is getting big. I'm one day shy of 19 weeks. I also just ordered bigger shirts. (Target's maternity pocket tees rock my world.)

Here's lookin' at ya kids.


  1. Ahhhhh......I can't wait to get back down there!! Until then.....KEEP these posts COMING!!

  2. love! you're doing fantastic!

  3. Your so darn cute! You and I are exactly at the same stage. I will be 19 weeks tomorrow too :) Yay for a kick, how exciting. I still haven't felt this one move but once or twice and this is my 3rd go round. Glad you enjoyed your day and your company. Always praying for you and yours!!!

  4. wow I am so impressed with how well you are doing....it sure helps to have such a supportive family....most people freak out over one baby...you are doing awesome with four...

  5. Oh wow isn't it cool when you feel that kick. At first I was like I'm not sure how this but what a feeling. You'll miss it when they arrive. That red shirt definitely shows your pregnant but still cute as a bugs ear. Hugs


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