"Pregnant" Food

During the course of my quadruplet pregnancy, I've not encountered any odd cravings or unusual urges to eat massive amounts of particular foods that I might not have favored before. In fact, I've done less eating than before I was pregnant due to either the extreme nausea and sickness I had for the first four months or the new issue of an insanely small amount of room for my stomach. (Might have something to do with the four kids that are rapidly taking up space. Just a wild guess.)

The only things that sound good on a regular basis—and by regular, I mean since a week and a half ago—are cherry limeades from Sonic, corn and hamburgers from Wendy's. Otherwise I eat what happens to strike my fancy or, most often, what sounds appealing and is least likely to make me gag. On this particular day, it was a very specific set of food groups that called my name for lunch. Pan-fried potatoes, beef sausage, corn and mac and cheese. Thankfully my husband dropped by the house for lunch, so with his help I was able to get up long enough to whip together exactly what my heart desired.

I sauteed the potatoes with lots of olive oil (trying to get fats wherever I can these days, feeding five people and all!), Lawry's seasoning salt, pepper and dried parsley. The beef sausage I tossed with more olive oil, garlic, paprika, Lawry's, pepper and dried parsley. The mac and cheese was an organic box mix that I seasoned with, you guessed it, Lawry's and pepper. Then I steamed a bag of sweet corn to top it all off.

And I ate every single bite.

The end.



  1. I love it!!! Keep that food going in!
    Poor Louis Dean would have loved your menu today. He is still on a Rabbit Food Diet but tonight I am serving him steak and oven roasted potato wedges - both white and sweet potatoes! He will be a happy man.....

  2. Wow, carb overload!!!! I would say, more meat and less carbs, or at least just one carb and not 3!


    1. Hey Lori - yup less carbs would be great for a normal non-pregnant diet... but with quadruplets, I eat what sounds good! Probably should have added a fourth carb for the fourth baby so no one was left out ;)

    2. Absolutely!!! This is NOT your average pregnancy!! You have been so sick ANY weight gain is to be cheered!!!

    3. I agree. You need to eat want you can. No more weight than you've gained I don't think carbs are an issue.

  3. Glad you had such a good meal! I have to tell you that the whole plate of food appeals to my belly too. I'm definitely running to the store tomorrow to pick up some of that sausage. My cravings have been pretty sporadic like yours. One week I'll find myself craving one thing and the next week it will be something totally different. It's odd because my other two pregnancies I craved the same thing the whole time. With my daughter it was Fried Green Tomatoes ( I even ate them with things like spaghetti and pizza) and with my son it was Reesee Cups :)


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