{Quad Squad} 20 weeks!

I can't believe it but we have finally entered "the 20s." Now things are really, really getting intense! The 20s are where its all at, since it will be a miracle for me to make it outta them and on to 30 weeks with these little quadlings. But the husband and I are holding out hope that I'll stay strong and get as far as I can. Yesterday's doctor appointment was very uplifting, as I got a great report and the words "You're at home for another week" delivered with a smile. He even dared to speculate I could make it three or four more weeks at home, which is saying a lot since he's pretty conservative most of the time.

The anatomy scan appointment two days ago wasn't quite as enjoyable, since it always seems to be a very chaotic couple of hours every time. This particular appointment was scheduled to perform a doppler reading of the twin girls they think we have, basically measuring the blood flow and growth to be sure they were on track. (Twins can occasionally "steal" nutrients and blood from the other, potentially stunting one or the other's growth and progress.) It took an hour for the technician to get babies A, B, C and D all straightened out before she really even started in on the dopplers, which she stopped after about five minutes because she was getting frustrated. The doctor then reviewed all our images from the last scan plus new ones the tech had just taken and surmised that the twins could still very possibly be twins but that they did not share blood vessels via the placenta, so the dopplers were no longer needed. Several hours later, we basically had showed up for nothing—though they did run a basic check on all the babies, took their heart rates and snapped a couple 3D photos, our first ones! So it wasn't a completely wasted trip but frustrating, to say the least. We were glad, though, that it seemed we had avoided one potential issue with the quads/twins and were still in good shape. Such a roller coaster!

After the appointment and battling traffic to get back home, I was pretty fired up. The husband knew exactly what I needed and whisked my mom and I to the movies to see "This Means War" and ordered some yummy fried appetizers and a big glass of iced tea. It worked! I was relaxed in no time and we all really enjoyed the movie. Thank God for such a fantastic husband who can read me so well. :)

Thus far, 20 weeks has gone pretty smoothly. I am starting to get big enough that moving in general is a bit of an effort sometimes, especially getting up from the recliner or couch or finding a way to roll off my bed like a giant manatee. Oy! I've gained exactly 20 pounds since the beginning of all this and my doc finally made his first-ever comment on my caloric intake by mentioning I needed to add two to three Ensure a day to my current eating plan. He wanted me to have the extra protein and calories as we get into the last two months of this pregnancy. Right now, our biggest goal is for the babies to grow, grow, grow. I also feel like I've sort of reached "max capacity" in that I'm as big as I would be with a singleton at nine months. So now it's literally a stretch for my body to accommodate more, though I know it miraculously will find a way. The skin of my stomach hurts pretty much all the time from constant stretching and growing, I keep it slathered with a thick lotion from Bath & Body Works that I swear by. I can't feel my ribs unless I reach around to my back, and even then I'm not sure where they've gone until one of the babies finds one and decides to either burrow under it or give it a good ol' kick. Keep it up, kids...

With the babies' room being all done and most everything else as I want it before the kiddos arrive, the husband and I are just trying to make the most of our time together over the next couple weeks or at least until I get admitted to the hospital. The other night, we sat in the babies' room together just reflecting on how much our life has changed and will continue to change as we experience this new adventure of not only becoming parents, but having four at the same time. It was one of those special moments, we even turned off all the lights and flipped on a constellation nightlight that projects stars on the ceiling. Think we are just as entertained and soothed by it as the quads will hopefully be! I thank God nearly every day for such a wonderful husband who "gets" me and who is strong enough to handle all this right alongside me. I make sure he knows I'm there for the days he gets overwhelmed with everything and he wraps his arms around me on the days that my body and my spirit struggles with new challenges. 

Today has been a fantastic day, you need one of those every once in awhile. My mom leaves tomorrow so we wanted to spend some time together before she heads home (she comes back every other week, love it!) and I was dying to get out of the house for a minute. So I went to get my one-hour massage at my favorite nail salon—they prop me in a reclining leather massage chair and rub me head to toe then load me up with water bottles, it's great for my circulation and my non-active muscle groups. Meanwhile, mom got a mani/pedi. Then she dropped me off curbside at Chili's so we could grab some lunch together. It was such a pretty day outside, I was loving the warmth of the sun every time I stepped out of the car and just wished I could be on a beach somewhere drenched in coconut oil with an icy beer in my hand!! Buuuuttt since that's not quite feasible at the moment, I settled for propping my feet up on an outdoor bench—because I'm good and observe my bed rest around the clock!—with a cold Starbucks green tea and the sun on my face. Bliss! (It's also a funny way to get inquisitive looks from passing folks, they probably think I'm about to pop... little do they know.) 

My mom kept asking if the sun was bothering me, then laughed hysterically when I told her that I hadn't sweated in nearly four months due to lack of physical activity and eventually bed rest with this pregnancy. The things we take for granted, huh!? Bring on the perspiration, baby.

So with a fresh dose of Vitamin D, a great week behind me and a new Wii and several video games the husband purchased (he insists I need another form of bedrest entertainment!), I'm set to enjoy a nice weekend sans any boredom. I might even get lucky enough to float in our neighbors heated pool, since my doctor said I could enjoy the water as long as I stay hydrated. Plus it's supposed to be 85 degrees this weekend. Coconut oil might be on the agenda after all...


  1. any baby name ideas yet? could you post your favorite names and what your thinking about?

    1. Hi Lainey! We have some in mind and are pretty close to deciding, but aren't quite ready to share 'em yet. No list of names, we only have five that we liked!!

  2. Hi Amber,
    I'm a Bloggy friend of your moms.
    I'm very excited for you and these babies.
    I love following along and watching this
    Joyous happening!

  3. Oh wow, your ultrasound pics are so good! I go Monday to find out what I'm having and I'm excited for my 3D pics. You and I are exactly the same as far as weeks go. Of course there is quite a difference considering your carrying 4 and I'm carrying 1.

    You look beautiful as always. Glad you and your momma got to enjoy some time out. I know she is enjoying being with you as much as you are having her there.

    Enjoy your weekend friend. Hope you get in some pool time & coconut oil :)


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