{Quad Squad} 21 weeks!

This post is coming to you two days early and my 20 week post came a day late, so didn't want you to think we're speeding up in some weird time warp here. And before I get into any specifics regarding this week's quadruplet preggers update, I can go ahead and haul off the biggest pain in my side that's popped up: rib and back pain. Dang! It really hurts, and I like to think my pain tolerance is pretty admirable. I don't know if it's my organs and body parts stretching to accommodate my growing brood or if one of the kiddos has taken up permanent residence in my rib cage (which I still can't seem to locate, all I can feel is, um, an inflated roundness if that makes sense). No position is comfortable, no amount of stretching and wriggling around seems to take the pressure off and after several hours of enduring the awful pain in my ribs each day it then begins to spread to my back—taking up residence in muscles that have sadly gone unused for quite some time now.

Alright, that's my biggest complaint for now and I just really thought you all should know about it right off the bat. Now that we have that out of the way, let's commence with some photos, shall we? The bump (if you even wanna call it that anymore, it's becoming more of a mass) is on the rise. I have gained four pounds in five days, racking up a total of 25 big ones since the beginning of the pregnancy. With multiples, 40+ pounds is encouraged (and a bit daunting!) but perhaps the two Ensure I'm now drinking every day are doing their job. Like I tell my husband, if you make me mad, I will just sit on you!

I have to constantly remind all my lovely family and friends that, though I may still look "normal pregnant," I am only five months and one week along! Most pregnant gals are just starting to show a bump, and I'm already measuring past nine months with child(ren). Another eight weeks of growing? I have no idea where it will all go. Or how it will fit. Or how I'll keep from tipping over. Or sitting down. Or standing up. 

The doc gave me another good report this morning. Normally, we see him a little later in the week but he's off to Costa Rica for two days—that's all the vacation he would spare, since he said you can't be gone long with quads running around! We are so blessed to have such a great doctor that's positive, pro-active and even excited for us. He truly is a great influence and we trust him completely as he guides us through this pregnancy. I prayed for weeks prior to finding our doc that God would lead us to the right one, and now I pray for our doctor each week that he knows exactly what we need. I'd say so far, so good...

In addition to my cervix still being completely closed (random personal fact, but this is a good thing y'all!) and measuring just over 4 centimeters (anything two or below gets me automatic hospital admittance), I've had minimal cramps and contractions. Even still, doc's starting me on a low dose of procardia, which was initially developed to lower blood pressure but is now quite effective in keeping one's uterus relaxed and contractions at bay—if you should ever need that sort of thing. I'll be taking mine sparingly and keeping a close eye on my blood pressure several times a day to be sure it's not getting too low. I haven't had any issues with high or low blood pressure thus far, so hopefully this doesn't cause any adverse effects. If it does, the doc said to stop taking it and it's out of my system within six hours and my blood pressure will return to normal.

Next up, is another nurse visit each week. I already have one nurse that comes out weekly to give me a shot of progesterone in my hip—also another source of support for my uterus, since it decided to play host to not one but four babies. This second nurse visit will monitor me for contractions to be sure I'm not having too many, another cause for immediate hospital admittance. But it's all helpful in attempting to prevent any sort of complication, which I'm all for, and is ultimately keeping me at home longer and out of the hospital one less week at a time.

But enough medical jibberish, on to the fun stuff! I was ecstatic to get some time in our neighbor's pool the other day, and being outside really does lift my mood and break up the monotony of being on bed rest and inside our house all the time. Today's weather was so nice that I (carefully) moved my "bed rest" out to our back patio with my lap top, some magazines, my iPod and, of course, my camera. Couldn't let you miss out on my four-legged-outdoor-bed-rest companions!

Here's Shiner, our white lab who's normally quite serious but decided to take an out-of-character roll in the grass:

This is Reese, an abandoned pup we adopted over six months ago and is quite the goober:

And last but not least, my baby girl Jersey, a lab/mountain cur mix who loves her momma (and the hot sun) dearly:

Then of course, there's the work station "set up" and yours truly, keeping a serious face as always:

And this is generally my view, especially when attempting to intensely work on an important email or, er, blog post:

Silly doggies.

Wanna know what's jamming on my iPod that's totally got me in the mood for summer time, four babies at home and an ice cold beer for mom during their naptime!? (Hey, a woman can dream.)

I'll leave you with the lyrics from "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" by Kip Moore...
Something about beer sitting on ice
After a long hard day makes it taste just right
On that dropped tailgate on a summer night
Something about beer sitting on ice
Something about a truck in a field
And a girl in a red sundress with an ice cold beer to her lips
Begging for another kiss
Something about you and me and the birds and the bees
And Lord have mercy it's a beautiful thing
Ain't nothing about it luck, something about a truck!


  1. You look simply marvelous,and you seem to be enjoying every minute of this pregnancy. Your fur babies are so cute, have you thought of how they will react to 4 new little ones in the house, and them not getting any momma
    Continued prayers as you go thru this pregnancy
    A Grandma in St.Louis

  2. Such a cute post!! Glad you are enjoying the patio! This time next week we will be there enjoying it WITH you!!

  3. I can't believe how good pregnancy has been to you. Your just glowing!
    Glad all is well in the quad world. Every week at home is a true blessing to you I'm sure.
    Glad you were able to enjoy some sunshine today. Your pups are precious!!!

  4. Prayers sent your way ! Four babies .. you both are so blessed !

  5. you are doing great....that is awesome news...

  6. You just continue to Glow. One baby poking and jabbing is one thing but 4 is quite another. Can't imagine.
    Also wanted to let you know that I'm getting ready to post a blog where I have awarded your blog the Liebster Blog Award! The award button can be retrieved from my blog so that you can proudly display it!
    My wish is the award will help to grow your following.

  7. Hi Amber. First off, congratulations on the progress of your quads! That's freakin awesome. Secondly, Lauren and I really appreciate checking out our site and signing our guestbook. We'll need to keep in touch and hang out sometime.
    - Dave Perkins (from the Perkins pack)

  8. Love your dress and necklace! You look great.

  9. Is it a girl? It's a cliche that when a mom still looks good during pregnancy, it will be a girl.

  10. oh my goodness girlfriend....pregnant with 4?! I can't imagine. I have twins and our hands are full!! I hope you have an awesome pregnancy and try to get sleep now. God said he wouldn't put anymore on us than we can handle!!! :)

  11. I love that you ended up adopting the abandon dog you found in your neighborhood!!! You will make such a great Mom - congrats on the Quads!!! I look forward to reading your blog and keeping updated on your next chapter!


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