{Home Decor} DIY Spring/Summer Wreath

A gal on bed rest has quite a bit of time to peruse home decorating blogs and come up with some creative "seated" activities with which to satisfy her creative itch. So I was elated when I saw this wreath and realized I had all the supplies on hand to make my own version.

First, I set up shop in my office—I spend a lot of time in here now that we moved the guest bed into the corner. It actually looks better than I thought it would and thankfully provides a space for us to accommodate overnight guests, now that the former guest room is full of cribs for the quadruplets! 

And of course I had a buddy with me the whole time...

I laid everything out on the floor, then started placing some of the items how I wanted them.

The main thing I wanted was a small banner, similar to the wreath that was serving as my inspiration. I didn't have any sticker letters and I didn't feel like printing some and taking the time to tediously cut them out. I did have some leftover iron-on letters and I liked the color, so I decided to use those. However, I didn't have all the right letters to spell "welcome" so I had to get creative!

I rough-handedly cut triangles out of decorative scrapbook paper (I could have measured to make them all even and the same size, but ehhh...), then whacked out smaller triangles from white stock paper and stuck them together using a glue stick. I used a hot glue gun to affix my iron-on letters, then attached the final pieces to twine using pieces of tape.

Next I cut small strips from burlap squares I had in my craft drawer, and rolled them up to make little rosettes before hot gluing them to the wreath.

Ta-dah! The end result, finished off with a simple hanger from zebra print ribbon.

The "B" I had on hand as well, and I used to twine to wrap around the middle, threaded the ends through the wreath and tied them in a sturdy knot in the back. I think it should hold, if not someone will eventually get, er, bonked with it!

Ah, now I feel better having done something crafty, pretty and useful...besides work on my laptop. Take that, bed rest! 


  1. That is absolutely the cutest wreath!!!
    Glad your finding things to occupy your time

  2. This looks great!! Glad you satisfied that decorating 'itch!'

  3. even carrying quads and resting you are so creative...great job

  4. It turned out beautiful! Love the 'come in' ! Might use that next time!

  5. The wreath looks great! I love it.


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