Weekend Recap: Girls Only

Hi friends!

Seems as if every weekend I intend to do a weekend recap during the actual weekend, but never quite get around to it until halfway through the following week. This one's getting done on Tuesday, so I'm considering myself a day ahead and a dollar over. (Uh, instead of a day late and a dollar short, though I'm not sure the vice versa really worked. You get the point though.)

I've also pared down my categories section to make it more user-friendly and less discombobulating. Two of the newest additions are "Weekend Recap" and "Great Buys," perfect for all those bargain finds or top-notch purchases one makes and wishes everyone else knew about it. Now you'll know!
This post, in particular, is tagged with both. Win win! My mom and my sister spent the weekend with us and it was the first occasion the three of us had quality time together since I was a kid. It was also the perfect mixture of leisurely down time, shopping and eating.

For starters, we spent most of Friday in Galveston. It was so cloudy when we arrived, you couldn't see past the shoreline. "Pea soup!" my mom said. But we didn't come just for the ocean, our favorite lunch spot is across the street from the sandy beaches. Benno's has been there since before I was born and I have fond memories of eating there during every Galveston visit as a child. It had been years since my last meal at the seafood place, and I was excited to dig in.

After lunch, we headed down the seawall to our favorite shell shops and stopped for a drink on the patio overlooking the water.

Here's what I got at the shops to go in my beach-inspired room:

Always ones to enjoy good food, we did a lot of delicious eating at my house. I cook nearly every night and I love having guests to cook for! Without really intending it, we had a heavily Mediterranean-inspired menu throughout the weekend. (Seriously, where's my adoptive Italian family?!)

We went for lunch on Saturday at this Italian spot, 3 Olives. (See the theme, here? Totally unintentional, I swear.) It was so good and I was relieved, since I'd been wanting to try it out but hadn't vetted the place yet.

We also dropped in at my favorite local bakery, Ooh La La Dessert Boutique, for their cupcake of the month:  a Guinness stout chocolate cupcake, in honor of St. Patty's day. YUM!

{Photo courtesy of Kimberly Park Communications.}

I did make a couple great buys during our thrifting and craft store perusing. See that bronze iron candle holder in the middle of my mantel? $8 from a thrifter in Galveston, still new in the box. I love it!

And this necklace was a $2.38 steal from Pier 1 in Galveston!

We ate, watched movies, read magazines and caught up on life. But, as always, the time to part ways came all too soon...

Don'tcha just love it when a weekend goes perfectly right?

Thank y'all for coming to see us!


  1. So fun! I want to get to Galveston sometime now that we are here! I hear mixed things about it. All your pictures make it look so nice! Loved this post, what a fun weekend :)

  2. WIN!! Win!!! A perfect weekend! I have yet to do my blog post....maybe later this afternoon. Louis Dean is working in my bathroom and I am redoing the metal light fixtures. It's a good day in Texas!

  3. We have the same plates as you! I got the entire collection (all the casserole dishes, bowls, s&p shaker, etc) a few years ago. We have four red and four ivory plates. =)

  4. Dang I just read and now I'm hungary after seeing all those plates of food and it's only 10 am.
    sounds like you definitely had a great weekend.

  5. Love reading the recap of our perfect weekend! I feel relaxed all over again! I loved our meals that you prepared. You made eating healthy very appealing. Plus, love using environmentally friendly cleaners. You are so wonderful and glad we are related, course maybe there are some italians somewhere in our gene pool!


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