Weekend Recap: "Fire" up the Rodeo!

Howdy y'all!
I'm still high as a kite on Texas, so to speak, after a weekend spent at a fish fry (complete with a BIG bonfire) and our first trip of the year to Houston's Livestock Show & Rodeo. Yeehaw!

Sometimes it just feels good to get out in the country with fresh air and open plains, crack open an ice cold one and hang out with good friends. The husband and I loaded up a cooler of beer, some camping chairs, cookies and rolls and our two dogs and drove out to our friend's beautiful home on a couple acres not far from our house. There were about six or seven dogs out there, running around and playing like crazy. Add in a delicious fish fry, around 30 folks and a raging bonfire and we were set! There were some cute kiddos enjoying the event, too, including our "adopted" niece and nephew. They're the kids of some close family friends, with whom we lived for a few months after returning from Scotland. (See the cute little gal in the top left photo below with the husband and I). They had a blast riding their bikes everywhere, roasting marshmallows in the flames and sitting on the tailgates with us while the dogs swam in the pond. We had great weather, though it was a tad chilly after dark. But beer and whisky will chase away the cold every time. ;)

After sleeping in then stopping at Sonic for some "recovery" food, the husband and I reset our gears for our first trip of the year to the 2011 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo! If you've never heard of this, it's an amazing event that H-Town puts on during the month of March each year, which first started way back in 1932. Every day for about three weeks there's livestock showings, shopping, carnival rides, tons of food (including BBQ, of course!) and live rodeo competitions from barrel racing to bull riding. The rodeo portion is amazing to see, there are some truly talented cowgirls and cowboys out there who aren't afraid to literally take a bull by its horns! 

One of the highlights is watching the Mutton Busting, where little kids climb on top of a big ol' sheep and hold on for dear life. They try to ride as long as possible, but most of them just slide off the side and thump onto the ground (they're outfitted in protective gear). My favorite rodeo event is the barrel racing - the girls who ride are all so pretty and I love watching the horses glide beautifully around the barrels. I used to be a wrangler at a horse camp when I was a young teenager, and nearly pursued a career in riding. It would have been amazing to have those gorgeous creatures be a part of my life everyday!

As you can see, we had quite the boot stompin' good time at our first Rodeo event, which ended with a Gary Allen concert. Well, it actually ended at the hotel bar across the street, which had a live band cranking out country songs well into the night. We even had two huge pizzas delivered to us in the bar before heading home.

Now I'm off in search of a little more "bling" to add to my outfits for our next two Rodeo outings to see Miranda Lambert this week and Alan Jackson with the husband's parents this weekend. If there's one thing Houston women aren't afraid to do, it's wear big hair and lots of sparkle. Everything's bigger and better in Texas, right!?

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  1. What a great weekend......with MORE fun to come!


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