My Recipes: The Simple Series, Mediterranean Chicken & Veggies

I've got another super simple recipe post for ya. This one reminds me of the delicious, fresh, uncomplicated grilled foods and veggies we ate in Italy. Delizioso!

2-3 chicken breasts (I use all-natural, hormone and preservative free)
Olive oil
2 fresh lemons
Fresh ground sea salt & black pepper
1-2 zucchinis
1 can black beans (I use organic as well)

Heat up your grill or stove-top grill pan on high heat, then reduce to just above medium-high before placing on your food items. Slice each chicken breast in half length-wise then place between sheets of wax paper and beat with a meat hammer until it's nice and thin. Place chicken on grill pan, drizzle lightly with olive oil and squeeze plenty of lemon juice over the top. Then season liberally with your salt and pepper.

At the same time, slice up zucchini (I cut mine in half, then trim off the outer edges of skin so it lies flat and slice length-wise) and place on the grill. Follow the same treatment - drizzle with olive oil, then lemon juice then salt and pepper. It should only take 6-8 minutes for everything to cook, flipping half way.

Plate and serve with heated black beans. Garlic toast can also be a tasty addition, and you can top your chicken with feta cheese, marinated garlic, olives or artichokes!


  1. This looks absolutely delicious!!!

  2. Yum! Different part of the Mediterrean, but I made this recipe last night and it was Ah-mazing. Can't wait to try yours!


  3. I DO like the new 'look' on your blog!! I am loving all things 'white-ish' in decorating these days.....and your blog is so tastefully 'decorated.'


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