Guest Room Reveal and My First Video!

Alright folks, it's time to show ya the brand new guest bedroom....

First, we'll do a little "before" showing, because this baby was Pepto Bismol pink when we moved in:

And now for the "after," which is much more pleasing to my eye!

You can more or less see the room from most angles in these shots. It's not as small as it looks, but it's not the largest guest room, either, so I was having to squish myself into the corner to try and get a good photo.

The walls took two solid coats of Behr's paint and primer in one. I was in there painting for so long that I was still seeing spots of pink even after I left the room. I also painted along and around all those shelves and the trellis supports, which wasn't quite as maddening as trying to paint invisible spots of pink on the wall that I kept "thinking" were there.

I love the coastal theme in here, it's so relaxing and pretty. I've always wanted a beach room, now I have one! To show you guys just how proud of it I really am, I am posting my first ever blog video! Please bear with me, my shaky hand, the heavy breathing and around-about explanation for the space. First takes aren't for everyone...

"...and we like it!"

Not sure how I managed to cut myself off at the end, but you get the point.

There are a couple cool little things I might have skimmed over in the video that I thought a photo and a caption would do ya justice for.

The turtle is made from broken glass found on a beach in Florida. It was a thank you gift for a story I wrote on The Beaches of South Walton a few years ago.

This is a snapshot of the husband and I on a vacation in Mexico years back. The frame is reminiscent of coral and came from Kohl's, I think. The candle is the background was a sale find at Homegoods and I glued a shell to the front.

I've had this frame for a long, long time. It was a matted print of a beach scape, but the photograph was such poor quality that it was actually pixelated. So I tore the whole thing out, leaving just the frame, glass and cardboard backing. I rubbed a piece of chalk over the latter, taped my photo to it (my feet propped up in Spain in 2010!), wrote the location in colored chalk and popped it all back in place. 

The starfish and sand dollar were last-minute additions with a hot glue gun. ;)

The turquoise mirror is mottled and aged, almost like patina on a bronze fixture, and came from Hobby Lobby for $30. I love the color it adds to the room. The decorative tiles were $4 from Ross and the Starfish hook came from Murdoch's beach shop in Galveston!

This frame was a memento from our honeymoon to Hawaii, where we're pictured on a dinner cruise just off Waikiki.

If you watched the video, you'll have seen the wooden palette I salvaged from our garage and coated with a layer of watered down white paint. It will hang from the wall above as a display for the shells pictured, all from Galveston's famous shell shop, Murdoch's.

The faded lettering I painted onto the palette, then scrubbed off with a sock dunked in my watery paint!

So what do you guys think? The whole thing just makes me want to be sittin' on a beach somewhere with an umbrella drink in my hand. In fact, that ain't such a bad idea...


  1. I LOVED the video and I LOVE the room!! Can't wait to be a 'guest' in it once again! That beach scene from Spain is my favorite thing in the whole room!! Super great look! GOOD JOB!!

  2. SO cute! I really like the ocean theme, I agree, it adds a certain tranquility to the room! Such an amazing transformation!

  3. very nice and relaxing.

  4. Great Video and great job on the guest room. Looks like you home is comming right along. One more thing I noticed you have your Mother's feet! Have a great day.
    Love to both
    Aunt Nita

  5. Valerie Gilliam LipseyApril 26, 2011

    Dear Amber,
    Since I am an old friend of your Mom's, Summer and Jr., I have to say....OMG! You have inherited your Mom's wonderful sense of creativity from cooking to decorating!!! I just signed up to follow you on your blog since anything creative inspires me!!! Your house is truly becoming your home!! Good Luck and keep those great ideas coming!!!


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