Bling it on!

There ain't no 12 step program for my addiction.

There's no rehabilitation center to cure my vexing, no secret method to keep me from wanting more.

I'm hopelessly, helplessly addicted to... turquoise.

I won't be in denial any longer! While my closet isn't yet overflowing with turquoise bags, tops, shoes and accessories, it's on the way. The addiction truly started in Florence, Italy as we were perusing the local market in the piazza. A street vendor commented (in broken English and jibbering Italian) on the fact that I was wearing the hue on my nails, my shirt, my jewelry and my sandals. Then it furthered when I hosted my first giveaway on the blog, gifting a turquoise bracelet and earrings. Alas, evidence of the spiral only continued when my friend, Lisa, was kind enough to secure some turquoise for me to make a necklace with.

I've officially crossed over to the dark, er, bright side.

Don't believe me? These are my latest purchases and creations...

Watch and ring from Stein Mart. Silver and turquoise bracelet from Florence, Italy. Gold and turquoise bracelet made and gifted by Lisa. All other necklaces made by yours truly.

Granted they are for rodeo, but do you see the trend forming? It's absolute bliss. I've decided there's no harm done in allowing myself to indulge in the occasional dose of teal. I know all-black is the only monochromatic outfit that's stylishly acceptable, and I'm a fairly God-fearing conservative, so you won't ever see me stepping out like this:

Or this:

Or trying out turquoise lipstick like this (bless her heart). 
There are some limits to the obsession. 

~ ~ ~

The color just seems to exude tranquility and peacefulness to me. It's tropical, bright, refreshing, happy and sexy all at the same time. Never thought you'd hear somewhere gush some much about their favorite color? Well, there's a first time for everything sweet cheeks. ;)

Even in the dead of winter, it can have a revitalizing effect.
All web images from Google.

I can't resist parting without a few more photos of all my new turquoise accessories that have been most recently inspired by several trips to the Houston Rodeo this month (see our first of the year here). 

And a good friend of mine let me borrow her "bling boots" for two more rodeo visits this week. Something I swore up and down I'd never wear. But now I'm even considering investing in a crystal-accented belt in the future. You'll see me comin' from afar! :)

Oh, how things change.

Bling. It. On.


  1. Can't wait to see pics of you all decked out in your new fling with bling!

  2. love it. i am sad the rodeo is ending because playing dress up weekly is so much fun. tonight, i'll mix in a green shirt for st.patty's/ZBB.


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