Flower Power

At long last, the warm weather has solidly arrived. And so have my allergies. It's been a tough couple days on my nose, I can't tell you how many boxes of tissues I've, uh, blown my way through. But along with those springtime allergies, come springtime flowers. I finally got around to planting a few in our front yard flower pot and plopped a couple more on our front porch. I think we need a larger plant on the porch next to the front door, but for now the mini palm will do. Maybe a few more pots or planters will add to the ambiance. And patio furniture is on the to-do list as well, but for now we have to work with what we've got.

Those poor chairs have been through hell. They were gift items from our wedding registry years ago, but have made three moves, spent a year in storage and fended off two teething Labrador puppies since then. In fact, I'm surprised they made it this long. We tend to avoid buying outdoor furniture nowadays that doesn't come in chew-proof rod iron form. Our patio table bit the dust long ago, but I did find a small ladder in the garage and decided that could fill in for a table of sorts in the meantime. It looks a little hokey, but I'll eventually get around to replacing it with something nicer. Perhaps a Pottery Barn-inspired cute bistro set, like this one I spotted on their website.

While I was snapping some photos, a curious kitty came sniffing at the door to see what was going on. She's always following me around the house and has been to known to sit in my office with me all day. :)

We have mostly bushes for landscaping at our place, which I like because the sago palms lend a slightly tropical feel and trimming bushes (versus watering and caring for flowers) is a strong suit for me. I love doing sweat-inducing "man's work" in the yard like mowing, edging, bush trimming and so on. The husband nearly cut his finger off once using the electric bush trimmer and we had to visit the ER for him to get it stitched back together, so he's no longer allowed to do that job!

I simply went for an assortment of colors in the large flower pot, and then used the leftover buds on the porch. The little white birdhouse was a $1 purchase at Target, but it came in baby blue so I spray painted it white and stuck 'er down among the blooms. The rest of our yard is slowly coming back to life. We've begun watering more frequently and I hope the monkey grass plants turn green again soon. They're currently pitiful mumps of dead brown.

To top it all off, we have a nest of newly hatched birdies singing from our microwave. Literally. They arrived through a missing slat in the vent on the outside wall and have nestled comfortably into the box in the cabinet above the microwave. Loud chirps erupt regularly during feeding time and greet us morning, afternoon and night. What makes it better is that this is the second time it's happened. A batch of babies was born shortly after we moved in and about scared us half to death when we thought birds were about to erupt from our cabinets! When they left the nest we didn't move fast enough to repair the vent, and another set of eggs hatched before we knew it. Oddly enough, it doesn't really bother us that much though we hope to finally de-bird the microwave once these guys are gone. For real this time!

Chirping indoor/outdoor birds aside, how have you welcomed spring into your home?


  1. Your flowers look great! What a cute little bird house to tuck in the grouping! I LIKE the ladder/table. I took the ladder out of the den window here at home and am playing with the idea of painting/distressing it. That won't be hard since LD found it in a trash bin! Anyone can decorate with $$....I like the challenge if using what you already have at times. Good job!

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  3. ooooh don't tell David you do all that yard stuff or I'll never hear the end of it. hehe. Like the flowers. That's too funny about your new found squatters.


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