My Recipes: Simple Sausage Dinner

Hi ya guys, how's your Saturday going? If mine is going anything like I want it to be, I'm laying out by the pool at a resort in Conroe, a stone's throw from a big lake just outside Houston.

But I'm probably also thinking about what I'm going to eat for dinner, a thought I have frequently since so much of my life revolves around the pleasurable glee I take from consuming mass quantities of food.

You might be wondering what you're gonna have on your plate tonight, too. If you're in the mood to cook something, either tonight or any night, but want to keep things simple, allow me to assist!

Today's recipe isn't really as much of a recipe as it is an idea of what to throw together in a snap. I grabbed some organic chicken sausage from the store recently, it's made without all those chemicals and preservatives and even came with poblano peppers and cheddar cheese ground up inside. I decided to slice each link in half and throw them on my stove-top grill (an outdoor one is even better!).

Pair this with some fresh asparagus, steamed lightly in the microwave or on the stove-top, then drenched in fresh lemon juice and a wee bit of garlic salt and grilled for a few minutes. So tasty and healthy.

Next, I cranked open a can of organic black beans and heated them on the stove with a couple dashes of Cholula hot sauce for an added kick.

Last, but not least, I threw together a fresh salad with chopped onion, carrot and tomato, grated pepper jack cheese, vinaigrette dressing, fresh ground salt and pepper and croutons. Dinner's ready!


  1. If it is half as good as it LOOKS....it is a winner!! You make it all look so easy! Hope you are having fun in the sun!

  2. That looks so yum! I'm having a hard time eating meat right now so not sure that would be a good idea for me but it looks amazing!

    I wanna hear about La Toretta!


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