Sunshine & Slobber

It's been a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Really, I can't complain. I've got a boatload of work on my plate at the moment - which is a good problem as it goes when you're a freelancer - but I've also reaped the benefits of working from home this afternoon.

I've had the window open in the office, which looks out into the front yard. The breeze, my new Texas wind chime and chirping birds have all made the hours seem a bit cheerier than it would have. Not to mention the fluffy white cat that's kept me company. :)

I was also happy about my extra efforts during my kick boxing workout at the gym this morning, too. I mean, I sweated until steam was coming off my skin like vapor. Then I went and ate a honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich from Whataburger because their late night TV commercials had actually worked. I wanted one. So I indulged, but felt much less guilty because of that steamy, sweaty aforementioned workout. Mission accomplished... double time, if ya ask me.

Photo from Google.

At the end of my work day, when it's finally time to throw in the towel and move onto other things like dinner and getting ready for the Ash Wednesday service at church, I decided to squeeze in a quick trip to the fields with the doggies. (Well, and write this blog post. Sometimes I attempt to be an overachiever like that, but now I'll be rushing to eat and shower. Decisions.)

They've been dying in the backyard, barking and whining for us to take them somewhere, anywhere. Today was their lucky day, hence the title to this blog post. Mom hauled out the leashes and sturdy pinch collars - a necessary evil when your furry friend is pushing 100 lbs. - and off we went. On the way to the fields a few blocks from our house, they half-dragged me down the sidewalk until I regained control and attempted not to look like a neighbor who's lost control of her giant mutant dogs. It tends to strike a chord of fear somewhere in people on certain occasions and I'd rather not be avoided at the community pool this summer.

They couldn't have been happier, running and fetching and galavanting around the grassy greens. Please note my husband and I are both avid fans of keeping your dog on a leash, but we also seek out fields and other large, open spaces where our dogs can run and get some serious exercise without disturbing anyone or being a menace. They wear shock collars so that running off or acting out isn't an option. Needless to say, we value obedience and discipline. God help our future children. ;)

On the walk back, they might as well have been the most mild tempered, calm, relaxed dogs ya ever did see. Shiner (the white one) laid down and dumped his head in the water bowl when he got home.

That's it for me today, though I've got more posts in the works, like continuing our travel highlights series, some new recipes, and finally revealing what I've been doing in the beach-inspired guest bedroom. Until then, au revoir!


  1. Such gorgeous dogs! What kind are they?

  2. Looks like it was a good day in the neighborhood! Always enjoy seeing a new post from you....and I liked the pic of Snowball....as well as Shiner and Jersey!


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