A Mac & A Resort

So here I sit attempting to make sense of my new Mac computer, just a few of many countless hours I'll be maneuvering this strange, new world...

That's okay, though. I'm sort of excited about discovering all the creative things a Mac can do. I've been a dedicated PC user for so long that it's a whole new level of possibilities for me! Plus, when you own a creative freelancing business and work from home, it's sorta important to stay connected and keep up with the latest technology. Or so they say. I'll let you know in a couple weeks...

I was getting a particularly painful headache after staring down the screen for too long, but broke out into a laugh when I looked over and saw my white cat passed out at my feet. She was napping pretty intensely. But when I broke out the camera, she woke up and got all interested in what I was pointing at her. Silly kitty.

For now, dear readers, I leave you with wishes for a well weekend and my own fingers crossed that it's sunny and 80 degrees when the husband and I arrive at Lake Conroe. We're on our way there for a press trip weekend. It's just the two of us and a lovely agenda that includes visits to a pair of local wineries, two nights of dinners at the resort restaurants, lounging by the pool and a massage. Ahhh, I can't wait. We went to the resort a few years ago, and though it was still undergoing some finishing phases, we enjoyed our time at the pool immensely. C'est la vie!

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  1. Love Snowball's pic! You were up early by the look of the clock in the background! Have a ball this weekend and DO get some rest!!


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